The Planetary Alignments of 2020 Online Seminar


Six-Hour Seminar Series Now Available to Purchase

We are fast approaching one of the most critical and significant astrological alignments of the modern era. In January 2020, Saturn and Pluto make a rare and powerful conjunction in Capricorn, followed soon after by Jupiter’s triple conjunction with Pluto and then to round off the year, Jupiter and Saturn make their own conjunction to each other in Aquarius. Add into the picture two very potent eclipses and the involvement of some powerful Divine Feminine energies in the form of Ceres, Eris, Pallas and Black Moon Lilith, and we have quite the astrological line up in 2020!

So what should we expect both personally and collectively? What can we learn from the history of these planetary cycles, and how might we align ourselves to the energy and work with this consciously?

Myself and American astrologer, Divine Harmony, recently presented a two-part seminar, over six hours, which was recorded live and can now be purchased and includes a whole set of resources that will help you navigate the powerful astrological tide that is approaching.

**Part One: An Overview of the Social, Political & Environmental Impact of the Astrology of 2020**
An in-depth presentation of the astrology of 2020, going through the whole year, looking at all the significant astrological alignments.

**Part Two: What Does 2020 Mean for You on a Personal Level?**
In the second seminar we consider which houses these alignments are occurring in your own birth chart. We go through each house in turn, consider in detail the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on 12th Jan and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on 21st Dec 2020. Includes practical guidance, and specific rituals, to help you work with the energy.

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