The Embodied Astrology Retreat 2020


Experience your own astrological chart come to life through a combination of dynamic birth chart enactments and astro-shamanic journeying. 

We will work deeply with the multi-dimensional nature of the astrological archetypes through sacred theatre, music, dance and ritual. The astrodrama sessions are ‘performed’ collectively as live improvised astro-theatre pieces, held within a sacred ritual space.

Astrodrama is an exciting way to learn astrology in an experiential way and to allow the potential of your birth chart to be creatively expressed within the group dynamic.  It operates in a similar way to family constellations or psychodrama, but instead of playing family members, you play the archetypal figures of the planets. Each participant has one full session dedicated to their own birth chart, and each session unfolds a uniquely personalised healing journey inspired by that person’s intention, with each planet character being dramatically embodied by the other members of the group.

We will be diving into shadow work to explore the hidden parts of the natal chart.  The experience will shed light on the difficulties and challenges we experience in life, revealing the ways in which unconscious themes are repeating. The process will open up pathways to overcome these difficulties, enable you to break deeply ingrained patterns and find new ways of understanding your unique and intricate planetary story in a more loving and compassionate way. Witnessing this being played out by the group can have a powerful healing and cathartic effect.

As a key part of the retreat you will have the space to connect with your own personal healing path, utilising core shamanic techniques such as repetitive drumming and communing directly with the spirits of the planets. We will be connecting with the upper world through astro-shamanic trance dance and connecting to the multi-dimensional nature of the Self through astro-shamanic touch.

Previous understanding of astrology can be useful but is by no means essential. On the first day of the course, we will practice embodying the planets in a more general way, so that we familiarise ourselves with them, prior to doing the first actual chart enactment on the second day of the retreat.  With regard to shamanism, think of it as a set of spiritual tools – you can have any or no religious affiliation in order to participate fully with this. A belief in Spirit is adequate to get the most from this workshop as the focus is on embodying the Spirit within. We all have shamanic qualities and express these in different ways.

Please provide us with your time, date and place of birth so that we can draw up your personal birth chart ahead of the workshop.

On the first day please arrive by 12 Noon, and we will have lunch at 1pm, and we will begin our first session around 2.30pm. Our days will then begin at 9.30am / 10am each morning and we will two or three natal chart sessions each day, covering twelve in total. These astrodrama sessions will be interspersed with the shamanic sessions.  They may also including a light evening programme.

Price: (including full board accommodation): £785 – £950 (depending on accommodation choice)

Accommodation Options (allocated on a first-come basis):

3 x Twin Rooms
1 x Double Room (shared or single occupancy)
1 x Futon Room (with ensuite)
2 x Yurts (shared or single occupancy)
1 x Cabin

£250 deposit secures your place.

Payment to:
Kairos Education Ltd
s/c: 40-22-07
a/c: 91407899

Places limited to 12.