New Moon in Aries Insights

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The New Moon in Aries occurs at 3.30am on 12th Aprl 2021.

Aries is the sign where we begin again, turn over a new leaf, engage with what is in front of us, and appreciate it with new eyes, as if for the first time. It marks, in essence, a spiritual re-birth, the resurrection of the spirit, and the opportunity to look afresh at who we are and what our lives mean. It enrols our courage and our will to break out of old patterns, and break through with new perspectives and a new vision. It is a time to commit to personal goals and seize the impulse to embark upon new enterprises and endeavours.

As you will see from the chart below, there is a big line-up of planets in Aries, with the sign’s ruler, Mars, forming a creative and hamonious sextile aspect to the Sun and Moon from its own position in Gemini. A further sextile is made with Jupiter in Aquarius. This all feels very dynamic and full of creative potential, suitable to meet the burst of spingtime energy that Aries represents. The Sun and Moon are also in an applying conjunction with Venus, who herself forms an exact square aspect with Pluto today. So we are inspired and motivated by love, but may also feel the urgency of change, deep and powerful change. And there is likely grief attached to having to let go of people and situations that served us in the past, and to close bonds of love and friendship that may be lost to us now if they cannot survive the transition.

Over this new moon, ask yourself:
* What am I truly passionate about? / What is burning in me?
* What impulse am I seized by right now?
* Is there a new opportunity that is calling me to action?
* What am I willing to risk now in order to sow the seed of my soul’s intention?

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