A Powerful Full Moon to Welcome in 2018!

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wolf moonHappy new year and blessings for a bright and beautiful 2018. It’s an astrologically significant start to the year as the moon becomes full in Cancer tonight, reaching its exact fullness at 2.24am UK time tomorrow morning, 2nd Jan. The chart for this full moon feels creative and auspicious, with a grand trine of planets in the water signs lining up harmoniously with the Sun and Venus to form a ‘kite’, a dynamic, creative astrological figure which suggests that 2018 is beginning with a bright burst of inspiration and opportunity.

So we have the Sun and Venus conjunct in Capricorn opposite the Cancer moon, with Mars & Jupiter conjunct in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces making up the aspect figure. The moon is entirely at home in Cancer and particularly comfortable in the second decan of the sign. The Neptune trine confers emotional sensitivity, devotion and a sublime idealism, while the Mars-Jupiter conjunction creates a lot of energy and gives the initiative and courage to instigate change. This can be integrated harmoniously and dynamically through the sextile aspects to the Sun and Venus.

The tension of the opposition aspect, always present at a full moon, keeps us conscious of the inevitable polarity that we experience in ourselves and in the world, and the need to incorporate opposing views and ways of doing things. While Moon in Cancer closely guards the home and nourishes us in our roots, the Capricorn plan

ets demand that we make a stand and express ourselves practically and effectively in the world. It is a hopeful indicator to kick off this new year and with Saturn now in Capricorn, there is a demand being made of us, to step up and be the best that we can be. We can work with the relatively harmonious energy of this full moon to tune in to our deepest calling, to the tug of our soul’s calling, to access our creativity and inspire our intentions for the year ahead.

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