Aquarius Solar Eclipse 15th Feb 2018

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There is a partial solar eclipse on 15th Feb, on the Aquarius new moon. With the Sun and Moon lined up in conjunction with Mercury, the messenger god of communication, and the asteroid, Juno, goddess of marriage and fidelity. Aquarius is a sign that rejuvenates the spirit and promises to raise the vibration, offering a more enlightened vision of the future. With Mercury and Juno in close attendance, one might expect a lot of frank, open communication and dialogue around marriage and commitment.

The intensity of the eclipse will tend to bring things to a head, and force us to confront what needs to be expressed. Uranus (in Aries) is exactly sextile to Mercury, so there are opportunities here for open-hearted, open-minded and creative discourse in this area, over the coming months. Jupiter in Scorpio is square to the Aquarian configuration, so we also need to be mindful not to lose perspective, and over-estimate what is possible. There is a great opportunity here though, to realise the true meaning of union, both within ourselves and in our relationships with others.

Aquarius reminds us that there are many facets and dimensions to our connectedness as human beings in a more-than-human, multi-dimensional cosmos. It may assist in drawing together soul mates and twin flames, and it is an invitation to move beyond the more possessive aspects of exclusivity, and the toxicity of jealousy. The energy of this eclipse season, including the lunar eclipse of two weeks ago, is something that reverberates for the next six months until the next eclipse season.

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