Aries Full Moon – 25th Sept 2018

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A few insights into this Aries Full Moon…

The approaching full moon (3.52am, Tues 25th Sept, UK time) falls just after the equinox this year with the Sun and Moon in the second degree of Libra and Aries respectively. This full moon is characterised by the tension between one’s own individual needs and desires, the need to go your own way (Aries moon), and the accommodation of others and the allowances we must make in order to enjoy the blessing of relationship (Libra Sun). So this moment of opposition in the Libran season presents us with a real tempering the soul’s fiery impulse for individuation, whilst remaining aware of the consequences of self-driven actions and the impact they have on others. Consider: How do I make the space for love and union in my life, and stay faithful to agreements and the social protocols of relationship whilst staying fully true to myself, my path, my instincts and passions?


Saturn, in Capricorn, is making a t-square to this full moon, which can manifest as challenging circumstances, or as inner doubts or fears about which way we should go and what the consequences of our decisions might be. Saturn has a tendency to ‘sober us up’ and make us look at the practicals. We might feel the need to retreat from the heat of a situation in order to re-group and process what is actually going on. The best way to navigate this full moon is to be aware of what your fears or doubts are, and accept any compromising situation as it is, and recognise that, at least for now, you can’t change the situation. This could also be a ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ type of situation. If you are hesitant about making a decision, pay attention to that and don’t let fear get the better of you and cloud your judgment. Better to wait before committing, in this case. You may be in a position where you have to make a decision, in which case, don’t over-think it – check in with your body, take time (Saturn) into account, and be realistic about what is actually possible right now.

We can take heart from the fact that Mars, in Aquarius, is making more harmonious aspects to the Sun and Moon. Being trine to the Sun and sextile to the moon, Mars can give us the courage and foresight to look beyond our current circumstances and recognise what is actually possible the other side of this apparent impasse. Consider that whatever is going on for you right now is just a test of your commitment and personal resolve. And Mars is wanting to reassure us that whatever challenges we are facing, we can overcome them, see them differently, create a new reality for our lives.

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