Astrology Course 2014-15

Year-Long Astrology Course 2014-15 in Glastonbury

This comprehensive one-year astrology programme, held over seven weekends in Glastonbury, will bring astrological symbolism alive in a way that is richly meaningful and relevant for your life, whilst facilitating a journey of profound self-understanding.

Whether you are new to astrology, or have some experience of it already, the course will deepen your knowledge and enable you to read a birth chart effectively and coherently. The experiential teaching approach that I employ is a great leveller and we approach each area of study in depth and with a focus on enriching one’s own self-understanding. It will encourage your imagination to engage with symbolism in such a way that the transformational possibility of any astrological signature may be revealed. You will be able to embody everything you learn in a way that will commit it powerfully to memory and, for the duration of the course, you will work primarily with your own birth chart, and with those of people close to you in your life.

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The course runs over seven weekends in Glastonbury, one every two months. Starting in October 2014. The course also includes participation on twelve 90-minute conference calls (one per month) and ongoing mentoring and email support throughout the year.

Dates of the Workshops
Workshop 1: Sat 4th / Sun 5th October 2014
~ The Zodiac, The Four Elements & The Three Crosses
Workshop 2: Sat 29th / Sun 30th November 2014
~ Planets & Sign Rulerships
Workshop 3: Sat 31st Jan / Sun 1st Feb 2015
~ The Twelve Houses & The Four Angles (AC,DC,MC,IC)
Workshop 4: Sat 28th / Sun 29th March 2015
~ The Major Aspects & Aspect Patterns. Working with the Ephemeris.
Workshop 5: Sat 30th / Sun 31st May 2015
~ Eclipses & the Nodes. Introduction to Transits
Workshop 6: Sat 25th / Sun 26th July 2015
~ Working with Transits & Secondary Progressions
Workshop 7: Sat 3rd / Sun 4th October 2015
~ Chart Synthesis: Putting it All Together

10am – 7pm on Saturdays
10am – 5pm on Sundays

The workshops are non-residential (plenty of very reasonable B&B options in Glastonbury for those of you travelling from distance).

There are a maximum of 16 places available on the course.

£1140 for the year

Really Early Bird Price: £980 (if booked & paid in full by 31st March 2014)
Early Bird Price: £1060 (if booked and paid in full by 31st July 2014)

By Cheque payable to: “Kairos Education Ltd”, and sent to:
John Wadsworth, St Anne’s, Chilkwell St, Glastonbury BA6 8DE

If you’d prefer to pay by bank transfer, then please contact me and I’ll send you the details.

£240 deposit secures your place. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

The price of the course includes all resources, classes and conference calls and full ongoing email support throughout the year.

Total Workshop Contact Hours: 106
Conference Call Hours: 18 (conference call dates to finalised by end of March 2013)
Email Support: Via an online group forum – and personal email support provided as required.

Also included in the price of the course:

* Comprehensive Handouts & Worksheets
* Ongoing email support with practice chart work
* Final assessment

I will be available as a resource throughout the year to keep you motivated and help you at each stage of the course. I am confident that by the end of the year, providing that you apply yourself and commit to the learning process, you should be in a strong position to be able to read charts effectively and begin practicing as an astrologer, should you wish to.

The course is inclusive of different levels of astrological knowledge and is designed to accommodate beginners as well as those who have studied it to some degree already. Please be assured that even if you are familiar with astrological concepts, this course will allow you to journey much deeper with the symbolism and enable you to make lively, creative associations. At each stage, we will be drawing out rich veins of meaning that will allow you tap your natural astrological intuition, taking us way beyond the limitations of “cookbook-style” astrology.

To participate, you must be able to do at least six out of the seven weekends.. If you are relatively new to astrology, then it is very important that you are able to do the first weekend in March. I should stress that even if you have studied astrology before, you will still derive great value from the first weekend, which deals with the basic building blocks of astrology in a very dynamic way.

For more details and to reserve a place please call 01458 831771 or fill in the contact form.

Testimonials from Previous Participants

“This course so far has been amazing and much more than I thought it could be! I’m loving it! I attempted to study astrology in the past but gave it up thinking it was too complicated. However studying astrology with John is very interesting, exciting, fun and alive! This astrology course is a journey of self-discovery, promoting awareness on different levels.” (S.W., Sherborne)

“This course is an amazing journey into and around the signs, the planets, the houses and life itself. Many of us on the course have dabbled with astrology for years and never quite got it. Now we are living it daily.” (V.C., North Lincolnshire)

“I have been studying with John for six months on his experiential course and can now understand charts in a way that no books could teach me.” (M.T., North Lincolnshire)

“I’ve found this course great, we step into the astrology at a very deep level and it does stick with you even without you realising it.” (J.H., Birmingham)

“Learning from a direct experience is key for a deep understanding and that is exactly what happens in this astrology course. It allows us to connect to a knowing that would not be found in books, giving us a perspective easy to grasp since we are the centre of it. Once the experience is integrated there is no way to forget and from there reading a chart becomes alive, revealing stories. It is so much fun and so insightful to learn this way. Thanks John, you have such an accessible and brilliant way to teach, your class is an amazing journey of discovery with so many “ah ha” moments!” (G., Glastonbury)

“Think of a natal chart – then live it. John has the most exquisite and elegant manner of enabling us students to be our own learning, embodying the expression of each planet and walking the relationships around ourselves and each other. A precise yet fluid manner which impacts forever time and change, associating images and sound so that we breathe what we are experiencing. This is a grand opportunity and a rich tapestry and I am often without words in its description.” (J.B., Guernsey)

“After looking at astrology for most of my life, going to workshops and being part of groups etc, I was really surprised at what I have learnt and the way I am learning on our weekends. The astrology I thought I knew, now has many more dimensions. Your course is so enjoyable and not at all what I was expecting and not really a course, more a “journey of discovery”.” (M.C., Liverpool)

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