All Change in the Heavens as Mars & Saturn Turn Retrograde

It’s all change in the heavens at the moment. Mercury has just turned back direct, while Mars and Saturn, astrology’s two traditional malefics, both turn retrograde this weekend. And then Jupiter turns direct again on Wednesday. If you thought life was going in one direction, you might discover this week that it’s not going quite where you thought it was! The Mars retrograde phase is particularly interesting – I would say it’s about accessing the inner warrior, in Libra, the peaceful warrior – it’s more reflective than active, Mars’s high energy warring instinct is tempered or compromised in some way during this phase. Don’t be surprised if you experience false starts, it might be harder to get projects off the ground, something which promises much may fizzle out, passionate impulses may be thwarted. This is a good time to take the charge out of a situation, to diffuse a potential flashpoint – it’s a time to be strategic, hold fire, hedge your bets. Whoever shoots first is likely to lose. People with strong Mars & Aries/Scorpio types may this a more frustrating time, and are compelled to learn patience and diplomacy during this phase. Those with Mars retrograde natally will feel more at home here.

Mars remains retrograde until 20th May.

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