Venus & Mars: A Balance of Power

The Sun enters Taurus mid-morning tomorrow (Wednesday 20th April), but it might not quite feel like it, as most of the planets remain in Aries for a few weeks more. Venus rules Taurus, and even though this is traditionally her season, she does not seem to have the upper hand…yet, at least not until she enters Taurus in mid-May. Uranus has now established itself in Aries and Mercury is still retrograde in Aries until Saturday, playing tricks with our communication channels. Mars and Jupiter are gearing up for a potentially explosive conjunction in Aries at the beginning of May, which should release huge amounts of energy and is a good time for seizing the initiative, but suggests the unleashing of a lot of raw anger and passion too, with Mars so strong around that time. And Venus also enters Aries on Thursday, the goddess armed and ready for action, and fuelling Mars’s fire in the process!

'Mother Earth' by Jenness Cortez

This is the picture for the next few weeks until all the faster moving planets (Mercury, Venus & Mars) move into Taurus by the 16th May. With Venus in her dignity between 16th May and 10th June, and with Mars under her dominion again, there exists the possibility of “ceasefire” in both personal and global conflicts, if only temporarily, and there is more of an opportunity for love, peace and reconciliation, and the honouring of Mother Earth and an awareness of the need to establish balance. Indeed this is likely to be the part of the next cycle that feels most Taurean!

Venus and Mars together combine to create the wonders of our world. Venus, as the Goddess, confers the ability to appreciate beauty, balance and proportion. She inspires us artistically to find ways of expressing the different aspects of her nature through art, music, poetry and all other forms of creative expression, and she helps us magnetise that beauty in the world. It is Mars though that generates the passion in us to act, to create, to quest after ‘new’ forms of expression. Mars is not possessed of a sense of beauty or proportion, indeed is unbalanced in his nature, and expresses himself through anger and a warlike-impulse, lusting after experience, often for its own sake. However, when Mars as an archetypal power is realised within us and the true warrior emerges, then his activity becomes focussed in service of Venus, of the Goddess, and he will fight to do her bidding, to restore her glory and reputation, manifesting his more noble qualities of courage, valour and honour. One only has to contemplate this fabulous renaissance painting of Botticelli to realise who is really in charge!

"Venus & Mars" by Botticelli

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