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Dancing the Moon in Cancer

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First of a new series of videos, with me dancing through the lunar cycle with music and movement for each sign of the zodiac.  This is the moon in Cancer:

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Full Moon in Aquarius: 27th July & Total Lunar Eclipse

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Gearing up for the full moon lunar eclipse on Friday evening (9.32 UK time). It is a total lunar eclipse (which we can see in the chart of that moment as the Sun-Moon opposition falls exactly on the moon’s nodal axis). Just after sunset as the moon rises, it will turn red as the shadow of the earth is cast across the face of the moon. It’s a beautiful and mystical sight to behold. The astrology is powerful too. The Aquarian moon is in exact conjunction to Mars, currently retrograde in Aquarius. And the Sun-Moon/Mars opposition is in a t-square to Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) in...

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Mars Turns Retrograde

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Mars goes retrograde this evening. Here’s what you need to know to make it work for you.

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Aquarius Solar Eclipse 15th Feb 2018

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There is a partial solar eclipse on 15th Feb, on the Aquarius new moon. With the Sun and Moon lined up in conjunction with Mercury, the messenger god of communication, and the asteroid, Juno, goddess of marriage and fidelity. Aquarius is a sign that rejuvenates the spirit and promises to raise the vibration, offering a more enlightened vision of the future. With Mercury and Juno in close attendance, one might expect a lot of frank, open communication and dialogue around marriage and commitment. The intensity of the eclipse will tend to bring things to a head, and force us to confront what...

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Lunar Eclipse: 31st January 2018

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As we approach Imbolc this year, with the first stirrings of the Spring, and the quickening of the light, we have an important lunar eclipse, occurring on Wednesday 31st Jan, with the full moon in Leo. It occurs at 1.31pm, UK time, so not visible in the UK, or in Europe, but nonetheless carrying a powerful astrological energy. It occurs in the second decan of Leo (at 11 degrees), so has a proud, charismatic, air about it. This is a ‘super’ moon, appearing larger than normal, due to it being at its perigree (closest point to the Earth in its orbital cycle). This Leo moon is...

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