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A Powerful Full Moon to Welcome in 2018!

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Happy new year and blessings for a bright and beautiful 2018. It’s an astrologically significant start to the year as the moon becomes full in Cancer tonight, reaching its exact fullness at 2.24am UK time tomorrow morning, 2nd Jan. The chart for this full moon feels creative and auspicious, with a grand trine of planets in the water signs lining up harmoniously with the Sun and Venus to form a ‘kite’, a dynamic, creative astrological figure which suggests that 2018 is beginning with a bright burst of inspiration and opportunity. So we have the Sun and Venus conjunct in...

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo – 21st August 2017

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We are in the middle of a very powerful eclipse season. Last Monday we had the lunar eclipse, with the full moon in Aquarius and we are now just past the waning third quarter moon phase, and are anticipating next Monday’s powerful solar eclipse with the New Moon in Leo (21st August at 18.26 GMT; 19.26 British time). This upcoming solar eclipse carries a potent energy which, being in Leo, has the potential to revitalise and radiate the life force within us, revealing the best of who we are as conscious individuals shining our light in the world. However eclipses tend to allow in the...

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Full Moon in Aries – 16th Oct 2016

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We have a very energetic Aries full moon approaching tonight. As the Sun and Moon move to precisely oppose each other at 5.24am tomorrow morning, the ‘moment’ of the full moon, the moon in Aries will conjunct the planet Uranus within 1 degree of orb. This a highly charged line-up, which could bring with it a feeling of restlessness, a a call to action, a reactive impulse which feels the need to break up the status quo in some way. Such impulses are best addressed here through a radical demand for authenticity, looking within for one’s own fiery truth, accessing that warrior...

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Solar Eclipse / New Moon in Virgo on 1st Sept 2016

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Here are my insights into the upcoming solar eclipse in Virgo on 1st September. <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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New Moon in Gemini & Mutable Grand Cross – June 5th 2016

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On Sunday 5th June, six planets line up in a very powerful grand cross configuration in the mutable signs. This happens right at the new moon in Gemini, with Sun, Moon and Venus in exact conjunction at 14 degrees of Gemini. This happens in opposition to Saturn, which is still retrograde in Sagittarius, and this opposition lines up square to the opposition of Jupiter (in Virgo) and Neptune (in Pisces). It is the strongest and most intense alignment of the year and there is an irresistible feeling of change in the air, unsettling and challenging, but offering significant creative opportunities...

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