Saturn-Pluto: Speaking from the Shadows

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๐—ฆ๐—ฎ๐˜๐˜‚๐—ฟ๐—ป-๐—ฃ๐—น๐˜‚๐˜๐—ผ: ๐—–๐—ผ๐—ป๐—ณ๐—ฒ๐˜€๐˜€๐—ถ๐—ผ๐—ป๐˜€ ๐—ผ๐—ณ ๐—ฎ ๐—ช๐—ฎ๐—ป๐—ฑ๐—ฒ๐—ฟ๐—ถ๐—ป๐—ด ๐—”๐˜€๐˜๐—ฟ๐—ผ๐—น๐—ผ๐—ด๐—ฒ๐—ฟ #๐Ÿณ – ๐™Ž๐™ฅ๐™š๐™–๐™ ๐™ž๐™ฃ๐™œ ๐™›๐™ง๐™ค๐™ข ๐™ฉ๐™๐™š ๐™Ž๐™๐™–๐™™๐™ค๐™ฌ๐™จ So it is upon us. Saturn and Pluto are making their first exact conjunction since 1983, (exact at 6pm UK time) and with Sun, Mercury and Ceres all gathering in conference at 22 degrees of Capricorn, it feels like it is stamping itself into the annals of astrological history. I’ve just been sent photos from a friend of a sunrise ceremony on Glastonbury Tor to honour the alignment of these two great astrological powerhouses entering into alchemical union in the starry heavens. It is hidden from our physical sight – the two planets are caught within the sunbeams this month, and thus completely occulted. And that occultation seems to be reflective of the challenge that confronts us now: to face our shadow, take responsibility for the ways in which we undermine our integrity, and own up to our self-serving, destructive behaviours. I find it inspiring that this conjunction is being given its due ritual respect and if I was in Glastonbury now, I’d have been up early to join my friends on the Tor this morning. I’m travelling in south-east Asia, though, right now, where the night sky looks very different and images of rats, dragons, snakes and tigers populate the astrological wheel. There’s no getting away from it here though; I may be having a break here in Thailand, taking time out to seek a new perspective, while encountering exotic sights, tastes and smells, exploring new ways of living and loving, but I carry my own wheel of images with me wherever I go, and I’m travelling with a fellow astrologer! For us westerners the images of these two forbidding mythic characters, the old Lord of Time, and the Lord of the Underworld, have seized hold of our imagination and they demand a response from us. I’ve spoken a lot about the collective impact of this year’s planetary conjunctions, focussing especially on this one, but I haven’t published so much about how I myself am dealing with it. Indeed I stopped writing my astrologer’s confessions a couple of months, for reasons that may become evident as you read this. So here goes… Confessions of a wandering astrologer #7. First of all, I recognise I am conflicted. I am trying to live a good life, an ethical life, a sane life in a world filled with temptations, distractions and dysfunctions, the receptors of which dwell within my own soul, and these seem hell-bent on making the attempt at such a life as difficult as possible. I believe in love. And I presume to identify as a kind and loving person. I am, and yet I am unavoidably confronted with all the ways in which I am not. For all my strong Libran sensibilities, and my desire to do the right thing by others, I have lacked the courage to say (or sometimes even to know) what I want at the start of a relationship or partnership. I have compromised on my own needs and desires, failed to take decisive action when it was needed, and have ended up letting down people I love and betraying their trust in me. I have an exact Venus-Saturn conjunction, which gives me a strong sense of duty, commitment, and integrity, but...

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer / Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

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Wow! ย What a full moon this is today! It happens in Cancer, at 20 degrees, (7.21pm UK time) is also a penumbral lunar eclipse, giving it longer range effect. ย And it occurs just as Saturn and Pluto are perfecting their much anticipated conjunction in Capricorn. We actually have an extraordinary line up of planets today, with the Sun, Mercury and Ceres all conjunct Saturn and Pluto in control-oriented Capricorn in opposition to the sensitive, watery Cancer moon. ย This is a serious time dominated by themes of power and authority, set against our need for safety, home, and emotional security. If you are feeling at full stretch at the moment, under pressure, or oppressed by forces that seem beyond your control, then don’t be too surprised. In honouring the moon, we need to be compassionate with ourselves and others over this period, protect what is most precious and stay attentive to the inward and downward tug of the soul. We are traversing some turbulent cosmic currents right now. The most important thing is, that we don’t succumb to fear and fall prey to the fear-mongering that is evidently rife in the world at the moment. Furthermore we must be really question ourselves, question our authenticity, check and double check that we are acting in line with our values and act with integrity, for if we do not the the consequences are likely to be grave. And what about the stuff we are not really owning up to, the hypocrisies in our lives? Ask yourself: ‘Am I living true to my own ethics and values, or am I just paying lip service to them?’ What is it that really matters to you and what do you care most about? Maybe that is your family, or your loved ones, or perhaps what is most urgent is that you acknowledge your own deep needs for nurture and nourishment? Perhaps that has been neglected. Are you looking after the roots of your being or are you too busy protecting or defending your reputation, or your standing in the world? Are you justifying certain behaviours by saying ‘ well, the ends justify the means?’, whilst at the same time betraying what matters the most to your soul? These are tough questions, but ones that, more than ever, we must face now. The Saturn Pluto Conjunction Saturn and Pluto perfect their exact conjunction on **Sunday 12th Jan at 6pm** UK time, and their message for each one of us is stark, severe and uncompromising. It runs something like this: “Face your shadow, accept your own darkness and own your shit; stand up for what is important, stop pretending that ‘everything is fine the way it is’ if it really isn’t; stop projecting your unaddressed fears, frustrations and judgments and onto others; stop avoiding what is right in front of you; recognise your obsession with looking good and being right; become accountable for the way that your attitude and behaviour destroys trust and breaks connection.” This year is one of reckoning, and the consequences of our actions and behaviours are laid bare before us. It is hard to predict how things will go at a collective level, but the corruption of political power and authority has clearly reached epic proportions and we can be forgiven for feeling...

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Full Moon in Gemini & UK Election Day

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Today’s full moon in Gemini occurs at 5.13am GMT, just before the British people go to the polls in the UK General Election. And there are some remarkable parallels between today’s full moon, the chart of the United Kingdom and the charts of the leaders of the two main parties. I will come to the significance of that in due course, but first let’s look at the energy of the full moon itself. As with all full moons, the Sun and Moon are in opposition with the Sun in far-seeing, far-reaching, big-picture oriented Sagittarius, and the Moon in buzzy, inquisitive, quick-witted, and easily distracted Gemini. The Sun and Moon occupy 19 degrees of these two signs. There is an inevitable tension here between our faith in what is ethically right and true (Sagittarius) and the many viewpoints from which truth may be regarded and the many stories that can be spun around that (Gemini). From the Sagittarian “trust me, I know what I’m doing, and it’s for the good”, to the Geminian “well, how can I trust you? where’s the evidence?” The Sagittarian part in each of us wants to keep the faith, look beyond the current situation, and trust that better days are ahead, while the Gemini part needs dialogue, and is full of opinions, questions and doubts. The key here is the establishment of a proper perspective, for both of these signs can misjudge the size of things. Sagittarius can over-reach, or overestimate what is possible, and also underestimate the impact that clumsy or mis-informed actions can have on others; Gemini can become overwhelmed with data and fail to see the wood for the trees. An open dialogue is crucial here, where both the intuitive and the inquisitive approaches are admitted; one that allows that Geminian talent for information gathering to support and benefit from the directional thrust, energy and conviction that Sagittarius is famous for. Today’s full moon chart also features a conjunction of Venus, Saturn and Pluto, with Venus & Saturn both making uncomfortable aspects to the Sun and Moon, inconjunct to the Moon and semi-sextile to the Sun. It’s an edgy and restless configuration that Huber School of Astrology call an ‘Irritation Triangle’, and it does not suggest an easy resolution of events. Remarkably, it is the same figure that we saw in the New Moon chart two weeks ago, with the aspects that the Sun and Moon were making to Uranus. This really has been the theme this month, a striving for understanding and for resolution which doesn’t come. So to the General Election. Being so close to the full moon, that same signature of unease and incompletion is present, as the polls open this morning. One of the first things we notice when we apply today’s positions as transits to the UK chart is that Saturn is directly opposite the Moon (19 degrees Cancer) in the UK Constitution Chart for 1801. That Moon in Cancer in the 10th house can most definitely be seen a symbol of British nationalism, imperialism, and the ‘Island Race’ (the exact trine of the Moon to Neptune adds greatly to this mythos). So with Saturn precisely opposing that Moon today, those that want to lead Britain in the name of that, namely Boris Johnson and the Tory...

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What on earth is going on in the heavens in 2020?

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Four Hour Online Seminar Series on Sat 9th / Sun 10th Nov 2019 We are fast approaching one of the most critical and significant astrological alignments of the modern era. In January 2020, Saturn and Pluto make a rare and powerful conjunction in Capricorn, followed soon after by Jupiter’s triple conjunction with Pluto and then to round off the year, Jupiter and Saturn make their own conjunction to each other in Aquarius. Add into the picture two very potent eclipses and the involvement of some powerful Divine Feminine energies in the form of Ceres, Eris, Pallas and Black Moon Lilith, and we have quite the astrological line up in 2020! So what should we expect both personally and collectively? What can we learn from the history of these planetary cycles, and how might we align ourselves to the energy and work with this consciously? On 9th & 10th November, in a unique two-part online seminar, myself and American astrologer, Divine Harmony, will be addressing these questions directly. Each seminar will last two hours, so four hours of teaching in total. They will start at 6pm UK time on both days. Here are the details… – Saturday 9th Nov: An Overview of the Social, Political & Environmental Impact of the Astrology of 2020 – Sunday 10th Nov: What Does 2020 Mean for You on a Personal Level? For this second seminar seminar, we will be looking at which houses these alignments are occurring in your own birth chart. So have a copy of your chart to hand. Timings on Both Days: 10am – 12noon (Pacific Standard Time) 1pm – 3pm (Eastern Standard Time) 6pm – 8pm (GMT / UK time) Click here to reserve your...

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Confession #6: Touched by Eternity

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Confessions of a wandering astrologer #6… Touched by Eternity. [Moon void of course in the late degrees of Aries. Sun square Pluto. Mercury sextile Saturn] It has been pointed out to me once or twice by my closest friends that, on occasion, I have a tendency to catastrophise. It’s a fire sign thing, I’m sure. I’ve seen it too, with my Aries, Leo and Saggie friends. It’s about being so swept up in the moment with what’s going on now, that you lose perspective on the future, or the past, and assume that what is happening now is all there is, all that ever has been, and all there ever will be! And while there is truth in this, for sure, that distorted sense of time, when it comes upon us all of a sudden, can temporary dislodge or unbalance our rhythm and connection to our body and to the earth. (Not having any earth in your chart doesn’t help!). The other side of it, of course, is a fantastic boon, that feeling of being passionately alive and charged up in the vitality the moment – it’s an exhilarating experience for us fiery types; an enthusiasm, an enthe-deos a sense of being filled with the Divine, where all fear and doubt just drop away. The loss of perspective, though, when we misjudge the size of things and get things out of proportion, is a shadow manifestation of the fire element, and it’s entirely different to the type of melancholy that the earth and water signs are more prone to. I’m pretty good at catching myself these days when I sense its presence, and my policy is usually to call one of my Aquarian friends, who will generally make light of whatever is going on, take the piss a bit, and help me get over myself. Yesterday, though, when I felt it beginning to happen – under the intensity of the full moon – I took myself to an ancient, 2000 year-old yew near where I’m currently living in Kent. I began by singing the ancient names of the tree that I learned on the Yew Mysteries course with Michael Dunning, and then, as I sat resting against its mighty girth, doing the practices I learned on the course, I felt an expansion of consciousness and spaciousness open up. It seemed to be coming from outside of my individual being, and my relationship to my breath completely changed. I could feel my lungs being filled and emptied in rhythm with an ancient breathing from beyond my own metabolism. The yew was breathing me, and that breath was eternal. Everything slowed down and I had a powerful glimpse of who I am beyond the drama of my own life. I experienced moments of this during the course, and have experienced my share of sublime moments of connection to the divine, but there was something so profound about this experience of a transcendent breathing; being touched by the breath of eternity. And it put a welcome end to my catastrophising! I am off to the US this week, to California mainly, also Arizona, and maybe Colorado, have a well-needed holiday and catch up with friends...

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Confession #5: The Game of Love

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Confessions of a wandering astrologer #5…The Game of Love [Waxing gibbous Moon in Pisces approaching conjunction with Neptune.] What is this game of love that we play? Is it for us a game of pleasure and passion, a game of joy and freedom, or a game of duty or responsibility? Is it a game of suffering and longing; pain and loss? Maybe, and probably, it partakes of all these at different times. And if love is so important to us as human beings, then to whom are we dedicating it? To our lover or spouse? To ourselves? To the living presence of Love, herself? As an astrologer, the question of love and relationship is the one I am most frequently presented with by my clients. And when we dig down further, the question tends to be along the lines of: what am I really looking for from relationship, what do I want? And, perhaps, especially in the karmic cases: what are the deep, shadowed, driving forces that draw me into the arms of another like a magnet, and keep me bound there? So are we primarily seeking passion, sexual intensity, or sexual freedom? Or are we motivated more by the desire to build family, deepen in friendship or for the sake of emotional or financial security? Are we unconsciously driven by childhood trauma or abuse? Or by the need for redemption, or the need to control or be controlled? Or some form of manipulation like martyrdom, or victimhood? Is it the longing for our soul mate, the wish to be re-united forever with our karmic lover, or to redeem some lost part of ourselves? Or are we looking primarily for freedom, for self-acceptance, for spiritual union? And if some, most or even all of these motivations are present, then how on earth can we expect these to be fulfilled by one person, as society has traditionally told us we should?!! Our experience of disappointment, abuse or betrayal in love may have persuaded us to abstain from the game altogether, of course. So are we in, or are we out? Can we face the pain? Can we risk our heart again, or do we play it safe and protect the vulnerable places that the powerful desire for union opens up in us? I myself have experienced relationship from many different sides, and I have often felt its karmic harness. Having my retrograde Venus in a close conjunction to Saturn in Aries, I have experienced and tended to manifest a ‘heaviness’ in relationships, and found them difficult to sustain. Saturn has loomed as a shadow over my more innate Arien impulse and enthusiasm for love and sexual expression being something alive and free in the moment, which has led to a lot of frustration, disappointment and heartbreak. Of late, though, I find myself in exciting new territory, experiencing genuinely open relationship for the first time in my life, and realising that love can truly be an expression of freedom through radical honesty, open communication and consent. And this brings me to the crux of what I want to open up to in this confession. For my journey with astrology has convinced me that the difficult signatures in our birth charts do not compel us to repeat the same pattern over and...

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Confessions of a Wandering Astrologer #4: What is speaking to you from the horizon?

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Confessions of a wandering astrologer #4โ€ฆ Waxing gibbous moon, with Moon in Aquarius trine the Sun in Libra, and Venus ingress into Scorpio today… I have just completed a four day training in the Yew Mysteries, with the extraordinary Michael Dunning, journeying deeply into the Otherworld sentience of the Yew, the most long-lived and ancient tree on Earth. It has been profoundly insightful and I want to share a particularly striking insight here in relation to the horizon, as it pertains to astrology. We worked a lot during the course with the mantles or membranes of sentience, remembered by these ancient yews, that recall an original, embryonic shape to our being, prior to sense perception. We connected with how, in embryonic form, our sentience is peripheral before there is any experience of a centre to focus our embodiment. Some indigenous tribes experience Great Spirit speaking to them from the horizon, and part of the practice on the course involved extending our awareness out to the horizon, where this world meets the Otherworld, and where the spirits of the Otherworld โ€˜touchโ€™ us and penetrate our embodied experience. This might all sound a bit abstract, and really needs to be experienced within the context of the wider yew mysteries teaching and its practice, but it did produce for me this powerful insightโ€ฆ The sign on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth, the ascendant, is what marks each incarnation with what is rising from the periphery of our being. It identifies that which is returning from the Otherworld / Underworld, just as the descendant marks what is setting, and therefore what is returning to the Underworld. As it touches the outer sheath of our embodied being, it impregnates it with a quality; a quality which permeates through the membranes of sentience to give a particular shape and direction to each incarnation. The ascendant was called the ‘horoskopos’ in ancient astrology and it was considered to be the most important signature of a personโ€™s birth map, distinguishing a quality of presence that shines through our being. It is where we are touched by an otherworldly light. It is the first light, the first impression of life that we have and the first impression that we make, it is the light in our eyes; our eyes that are the windows to the soul. What is rising in our charts carries a wholly different type of origin signature to that of the moon, which carries an instinctive or somatic memory of our earthly embodiment, an impression which clings to our senses and feeds on what is familiar. And the ‘horoskopos’ is very different from (and traditionally more significant than) the Sun sign, which characterises the way that consciousness is ordered; how the solar light enters our awareness and centres it, giving us a coherent sense of identity. Often I hear the rising sign being played down in its significance, usually within a psychological context, as being indicative of a mask that covers over the โ€˜trueโ€™ nature of who we are; our ‘true self’ supposedly having more to do with the Sun sign. I don’t go along with this. As someone who works a lot with mask, through my astrodrama work, I have never accepted this diminished rendering of the ascendant. For me, it...

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Confessions of a Wandering Astrologer #3: Chiron’s Wound

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Confessions of a wandering astrologer #3. It is first quarter moon time today, with the moon now in Capricorn, square the Sun in Libra. And Mars has now entered Libra; the warrior turning up for battle just as a ceasefire is called! So he must his ply his energy into peace, justice and reconciliation, initiating open dialogue to create more harmonious agreements. Today Mars makes a conjunction to my natal Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the seventh house of my chart, exactly as I am initiating a more radical commitment to love, openness and communication within relationship. Mars will also oppose my Sun-Chiron conjunction in Aries in the coming days, challenging a lot of my former identity about who I am in relation to others. In this โ€˜confessionโ€™, I will say something about Chiron, the kindly centaur, mentor to the heroes, and wounder-healer. I hit 50 this year and so this is the year of my Chiron return, with my natal Chiron being in Aries in the first house, and conjunct my Aries Sun, I have really had to revisit that core wound around identity, who I am in the world, who I am for others, who I am for myself. For the first 21 years of my life, I never felt that I fitted in anywhere. Then, at that age, it was revealed to me, unequivocally, that my vocation was to become an astrologer – hardly the most acceptable of professions! I remember when I first started telling people that I was an astrologer, the response was along the lines of: โ€˜what? thatโ€™s not something you can be!โ€™ In the myth, Chiron is a maverick figure who lives on the margins, away from his own kin, as the otherworldly medicine man. The eccentric orbit of the tiny planetoid we know as Chiron reflects this liminal, maverick quality, moving as it does between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus. Being occasionally inside the orbit of Saturn, and at other times, beyond that of Uranus, Chiron is like a bridge between the personal and transpersonal realm, partaking of both but belonging to neither. I am currently in the midst of a four-day training with Michael Dunning in the Yew Mysteries, and, interestingly, I learned yesterday that the seed of the yew berry is known as the โ€˜arrow poisonโ€™, it being deadly if ingested. It reminded me of Chiron, who suffers a fatal wound from a poisoned arrow, but because he is immortal he cannot die and so is destined to suffer with a wound that will never properly heal. The Chironic experience can feel like this; it points to the core wound that revisits us again and again. Yet, when we can really embody that wounded part of us and come to know its essential place within our being, that same wound can be the very key that opens up our particular healing vocation. With my own Chiron position, I have had to face and transcend a lot of shame, and accept that it is ok simply to show up as myself; for in that showing up, my true nature can radiate out and become an inspiration to others. And I have been shown again and again that I am most effective as an astrologer, teacher, lover and friend, when I am...

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Confessions of a Wandering Astrologer #2: What is a Planet?

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Confessions of a wandering astrologer #2…Pluto turns direct today. Moon is in Sagittarius. Mercury enters Scorpio. Venus is beginning to be (briefly) visible in the evening sky. And I’m on my way to Shropshire to do a four day course on the mysteries of the Yew tree. …For my second ‘confession’, I’d like to talk about what we astrologers mean when we talk about a planet. To the modern mind, a planet is simply a physical ‘object’ out there in the solar system, rotating around the Sun under the force of gravity. We look to scientific explanations as to how it ended up there, the result of rocks or gases released 5 billion years when our Sun was ‘born’; how gravity accounts for both its spherical natural and its cyclical orbit. We are used to seeing photographs of the planets, identifying them according to their physical properties, and that is how we think of them. What makes the astrologer’s perspective so unpalatable to the modern scientific worldview is that we look to a pre-modern understanding of what a planet is, one that imbues it with some form of divine agency which transcends its physical properties. So the planet Venus is not simply named after the Goddess of Love, the planet is in ‘sympathy’ with her, to use that term in its traditional sense. With her radiant presence in the morning or evening sky, the presence of the Goddess is embodied in the planet, just as she is embodied in copper, in the shape of the pentagram and in the scent of the rose, among numerous others aspects of our world with which she is sympathetically connected. Such as when our tastebuds are excited, when we sense a garden growing, fall in love, or indeed contract a venereal disease. The divine energy of Venus or Aphrodite is in the world all around us in our everyday experience and her planetary movements in the heavens offers up to the fire of the astrological imagination a sign which would seem to indicate her intent, her purpose, her desire. So when she is in Taurus, we might picture her in a garden, surrounded by the splendour of nature’s gifts; we imagine her full of passion and charged with sexual energy when in conjunction to Mars; or conducting some secret affair when she is in the twelfth house. In Vedic astrology, the planets are known as โ€˜grahaโ€™, which loosely translated means the โ€˜grabbersโ€™, the archetypal forces beyond your conscious comprehension and control that grab hold of your individual soul and exert their own agency upon it, mark it with their own power of intention. Thatโ€™s a very uncomfortable idea for us moderns. We like to think of ourselves as being in control, of being responsible and accountable for our thoughts, behaviours and actions. We donโ€™t generally like to consider that we might be under the grip of a power greater than our own mind, the rationality of which we prize so highly; to be possessed of something beyond oneโ€™s own power of reason. Yet this was certainly the ancient or pre-modern view. In earlier times, if you committed a crime under the light of a full moon, or during an eclipse, you might well have been considered โ€˜not in your right mindโ€™. Being under...

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Confessions of a Wandering Astrologer #1: To Be a Wanderer

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Confessions of a wandering astrologer #1 … So I’ve had this idea to start a new blog, with this title. I feel drawn to share my insights and astrologically inspired reflections, and something of my rather strange life as an astrologer. For now I’m going to post on here, until I get a new blog website set up. The idea came at the Libra new moon on Saturday, as I was reflecting on where I am right now in my life. Today the moon is in Scorpio, and Venus is about to return from the underworld, where you might just briefly glimpse her in the twilight of dusk over the coming days, as she begins her eight month residency as an ‘evening star’. Here we go with my first confession… I chose the title for the blog, when it occurred to me that, of late, my life has become increasingly like that of the planets, known as ‘wanderers’ to the ancients. For just as they wander through the stars of the Zodiac, so I observe myself endlessly moving and being moved by what is turning within my soul. For alignment, I tend to look to the motions of the heavenly spheres and a dedication to the stars, rather than turning toward a particular place, home or relationship for orientation. Over the next six months, I will make temporary homes in Canterbury, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Bali, Thailand, Glastonbury, and other places too. Ecologically irresponsible, perhaps, yet driven by a vocational calling that is compelling, and apparently necessary for whatever purpose I cannot yet say. So I have been contemplating that if my destiny is to wander this world, and for home to be a series of transient places on earth, then what about my relationship to the centre, to the central core of my being? For a nomadic tribe, this would have been honoured in the erection of the pole in the centre of their yurts, a type of axis mundi, that would connect sky and earth, hearth and home. On the pilgrimage I led recently on the Glastonbury Zodiac Milky Way path, our group visited the Zodiac’s centre at Park Wood in Butleigh, which lies close to the Milky Way path. For the past ten years, a few of us zodiac pilgrims have been paying respect to a particular yew tree there, as being the world tree of the landscape zodiac, reaching to the centre of the ecliptic; that one fixed and stable point of orientation in the heavens. It sits in the heart of the constellation of Draco (there is a dragon legend associated with Park Wood), and it is the only place in the sky that is unaffected by the 26,000 year cycle of precession, located as it is at the centre of the precessional ‘wobble’ in the northern sky. It is fairly close to the pole star, which visibly holds its position in the nightly round, and orients us to north (at least in our current era), but that will shift in time. This point in the heart of the dragon, though, is the omphalos, the umbilicus of the Zodiac and it remains forever constant. It is the point at the centre of the circle, and at the centre of your birth chart. Whenever I...

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