Uranus: Are you ready for the revolution?

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The Astrology of Our Times Online Seminar Series with John Wadsworth What’s going on with the planets right now? And how on earth should we respond to it? We are living in extraordinary times, which few of us could have predicted just a few months ago. Yet the remarkable planetary alignments of 2020 have long been preoccupying the forecasting minds of astrologers, and much has been said and written to the effect that the astrology of this year points to a dramatic watershed in the history of humanity. We are now living that reality. In this series of online seminars, I look at exactly what is going on with the planets right now, and how we can best respond to the energy in our own lives. Each week I introduce a different aspect of the astrology of our times, looking at the different planets involved and what this means for us collectively. Then, working with charts of participants, I will give examples of how the different planetary archetypes make their presence felt in an individual’s life, and how that person might best respond to its energy. Next Up… Fri 17th April: Week Three: Uranus: Are you ready for the revolution? Uranus is the revolutionary planet of change and upheaval that shakes us out of our complacency and its current passage through the sign of Taurus (2019 – 2026) is radically shaking up our economy, our values in relation to money and the whole idea of personal ownership. In this seminar we will explore the archetypal function of Uranus as innovator and awakener, the misfit who is always out of step with the cultural norm, the independent thinker who breaks with tradition, the one who radically affects the societal order. There will be an opportunity for participants to share their birth details so that we can consider different positions of both natal and transiting Uranus in people’s charts, and what this says about the the type of revolutionary impulse that is seeking to impress ourselves upon our lives. Click here to book… Fri 24th April: Week Four: Neptune: What if this is all an illusion? Click here to book… Fri 1st May: Week Five: Pluto: Can you face your own darkness? Click here to book… Fri 8th May: Week Six: Chiron: Can you accept your own woundedness? Click here to...

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The Astrology of Our Times – Online Seminar Series – Starts Fri 3rd April

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The Astrology of Our Times Online Seminar Series with John Wadsworth What’s going on with the planets right now? And how on earth should we respond to it? We are living in extraordinary times, which few of us could have predicted just a few months ago. Yet the remarkable planetary alignments of 2020 have long been preoccupying the forecasting minds of astrologers, and much has been said and written to the effect that the astrology of this year points to a dramatic watershed in the history of humanity. We are now living that reality. On Friday I begin a new series of online astrology classes to look at exactly what is going on with the planets right now, and how we can best respond to the energy in our own lives. Each week I will introduce a different aspect of the astrology of our times, looking at the different planets involved and what this means for us collectively. Then, working with charts of participants, I will give examples of how the different planetary archetypes make their presence felt in an individual’s life, and how that person might best respond to its energy. We start this Friday with Jupiter, to coincide with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction that occurs this weekend. Fri 3rd April: Week One: Jupiter: What’s the big picture here? This first seminar co-incides with the first of three powerful conjunctions that occur this year between Jupiter and Pluto. John will discuss the implications of these alignments; for society as a whole, for the spread of the coronavirus, and for the profound illumination that this situation promises. The seminar will be especially focussed on the archetypal qualities of Jupiter as a planet of expansion, inflation and amplification; a light bringer and optimist who inspires joy, insists upon growth and sheds light on the bigger picture. There will be an opportunity for participants to share their birth details so that we can consider different positions of both natal and transiting Jupiter in people’s charts, and what this says about what is growing, expanding and being illuminated in your own life. Click here to book… Fri 10th April Week Two: Saturn: So how much of this is my responsibility? From an astrological perspective, what we are experiencing in the world right now are repercussions of the earth shattering conjunction of Saturn and Pluto that occurred in January. This conjunction in Capricorn singles 2020 out as a year of accountability and reckoning, a year when the shadow of power and control makes itself manifest, and the free will of the individual is forced to yield to a deeper collective need for re-balancing. Saturn has recently entered the sign of Aquarius, where it will remain until the beginning of July, when it retrogrades back into Capricorn. In this seminar we will focus on Saturn’s shifting allegiance between Capricorn and Aquarius, both signs that it rules, and we will explore this planet’s archetypal functions around time and order, control and authority, karma and responsibility, boundaries and structure. There will be an opportunity for participants to share their birth details so that we can consider different positions of both natal and transiting Saturn in people’s charts, and what this says about the the type of responsibilities that your soul has chosen to take on in this...

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New Moon in Aries – 24th March 2020

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Today’s new moon sees Sun and Moon aligned at 4 degrees Aries, and it comes hot on the heels of the Spring Equinox, as the days lengthen and our spirits are uplifted by the light. It is a time of the year when, under normal circumstances, we are more-than-usually inspired by the exciting opportunities that life can bring. And we might ordinarily expect the new moon in Aries, with its annual burst of springtime energy and vitality, to be a time when we feel enthused, at our most daring, filled with the impulse to boldly leap into new enterprises and endeavours. However, these are not ordinary times, and with the Sun and Moon in exact conjunction to Chiron today, what we are more likely aware of is our fragility, our vulnerability, and our innate woundedness. The Aries impulse is to act with the force of self-consumed passion and wanting, to take a risk and to hell with the consequences. Yet to do so, right now, without consideration for others, is like shooting ourselves in the foot. We are living in unprecedented times of social upheaval, when we are no longer able to consider ourselves as mere individuals, free to act purely out of self-interest, driving our own lives forward irrespective of the impact on others. That right, to whatever extent it is a right, has been taken from us by this Neptunian virus and it exposes our collective reliance and inter-dependence upon one another like never before. Aries carries the wide-eyed energy of the new-born, but the passion and burning ambition that this sign is famed for is originally born of suffering. Being suddenly ripped from the oneness of the Mother and having to draw one’s own first breath brings with it a primal scream of trauma. Nature dictates that we push our way head-first into the life, and must rely on the capacity of our own lungs to sustain us. And however much our mothers may nurture and sustain us in our early life, we are inevitably and unavoidably convinced that in order to survive and prosper as aspiring individuals we must engage our will, become strong, vital and virile in our own right, strive to get ahead. We are generally educated to believe that we must compete, aim to come first, propel ourselves to the head of the table. Today’s Sun-Moon-Chiron alignment connects us back directly to that initial birth trauma, the original wound, the wound of separation. It reminds us of that acute vulnerability we were exposed to in the first moments of our life. That moment when we claimed our right to be in the world was the first initiation, that moment when we had to draw down that fiery life force of spirit to propel us into life, severing us from the warm, all-embracing cocoon that connected us to everything. There is a deep, and generally unacknowledged grief here that we all share, and it is painful to confront so primal a wound, which is perhaps why we spend so much of our lives avoiding it and pretending to be separate from one another. There is tremendous healing power in the recognition of our woundedness, and to locate it right there in the primacy of our being, is a key to self-compassion, that can...

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Coronavirus: An Astrological Perspective

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As Above So Below. We Are In Unprecedented Times We are current facing a global crisis the like of which few of us will have seen in our lifetimes. And this is mirrored by the type of astrological alignments that are seen only once or twice in a millennium. As above, so below, we are in living in unprecedented times, and the entire fabric of our world, and the way we live, is fundamentally changing in a way that will reverberate down the decades to come. Over the coming months, we will witness many of the established Capricornian structures of our world collapsing (even while those in power do everything they can to prop them up). Meanwhile, we must radically adapt to the very different demands of an Aquarian future. Saturn in Aquarius & the Re-Evaluation of Socialism It strikes me that the countries that are likely to recover the most effectively from the consequences of this pandemic are those that retain an inherent socialism within the core values of their society. Those that haven’t abandoned the idea of community; those who place the well-being of the whole society above the privilege of individual freedoms are undoubtedly better prepared to deal with this pandemic. Socialism is in many ways an Aquarian social ideal, and despite its Uranian idealism it has tended to be more Saturnian in its political application (Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius and in less than a week’s time, it will enter that sign) and has proved less appealing than the more apparently free market economical model that has come dominate the western world. Yet we cannot fail to be impressed when we see China stemming the spread of the virus, through a massive (albeit rigidly enforced) collective effort. In Europe, we have seen quarantined Italians singing to one another from their balconies to keep spirits up, the Spanish in Madrid applauding, as one, the efforts of medical staff. These countries are no longer run by socialist governments (and clearly there are significant numbers ignoring curfews and acting out of personal interest); however that spirit of extended family and community remains strong enough to assist in the collective effort. Acknowledging our Shared Humanity Even in the UK today, we saw the National Trust opening up all its beautiful gardens and offering free access for people to get out and experience the natural world coming back to life, and benefit from the rejuvenating spirit of spring, as we approach the equinox and its promise of longer light-filled days. Such spontaneous acts of community spirit, which are in no way motivated by financial gain, express socialism at its very best. Acts of abundant giving like this make us all feel good, they acknowledge our shared humanity, the recognition that we are inevitably interdependent upon one another, regardless of our background, age, class, religion, education, wealth status, or national identity. This has to come to the forefront of our collective awareness now. Governments, corporations, institutions, business owners, landlords and community leaders must change their attitudes and behaviours in line with that realisation, as must we all, each one of us. Coronavirus is a Neptune in Pisces Manifestation And while we could be forgiven for our instinctive reactions, ‘how am I going to get through this?” or ‘how do...

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Full Moon in Leo: 9 Feb 2020

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Tomorrow’s full moon in Leo (exact at 7.33am GMT on 9th Feb) demands our courage, authenticity, generosity of spirit and creative initiative to bring through an innovative idea or project. The Moon and Sun are opposed in heart-full Leo and re-juvenatuve Aquarius respectively, and Mars (in Sagittarius) gives the chart some energy and dynamism, being in a wide trine to the Moon, and sextile the Sun. During this season of the year while the sun is in Aquarius, we might tend to be more than usually idealistic and inclusive of different perspectives. Our thoughts are with the wider concerns of humanity, and our vision for a sustainable future for our families, communities and society as a whole. The ideas that we plan, design and seek to implement, though, must also have enough heart, life force and creativity to lift them off the drawing board. And do the projects and organisations that we are involved with create space for individual expression, spontaneity and play?  This is where the Leo medicine comes in. As the Moon opposes the Sun now at the full moon, we are likely to feel the tug of the heart for some recognition for what who we are and what we do, especially if we have neglected ourselves and our personal needs of late. This is tricky because we also need to be sure that these needs are not driven by the ego’s tendency for emotional drama, and our very human, but insecure, need to be central to everything. A good question to ask is this:  Are my personal needs being included in a way that supports the wider vision, or am I letting my need for attention detract from that vision? In the human body, Leo rules the heart, and Aquarius the circulation, which enables the blood to flow throughout the body and back to the heart. So Leo pumps the blood and inspires the life force, while Aquarius sustains that life force by ensuring the blood-flow back to that life-inspiring centre. I would suggest working with these two mantras, from my book, Your Zodiac Soul, over this full moon period, and contemplate how you can integrate both medicines in your life: Aquarius:  “I enable the waters of life to flow, in service of humanity’s highest vision.” Leo: “I am as I am and I shine from the centre of my...

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New Moon in Aquarius

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The Sun and Moon align in Aquarius (at 4˚) today for this month’s new moon, which occurs at 9.42pm (UK time). Toward an Aquarian Future Aquarius is the most radical sign of the zodiac, the one who insists that we take a different view of ourselves and the world.  It is the Aquarian who calls the whole group together into a colourful gathering of diverse perspectives and invites each to speak their own truth.  Aquarius celebrates our eccentricity, our uniqueness, our difference. This new moon is a time to consider the contribution that you make or want to make to your community, to society, to the planet.  It challenges us to look up from whatever is pre-occupying us in our own lives right now, and consider the future, think about the impact that our egotistical thoughts and actions are having on the fabric of humanity as whole, and the generations to come, who will have to deal with the mess we make. There is a great sense of urgency in our world at the moment; we may feel under pressure to do something, and feel overwhelmed when we think of the social, political and environmental crisis that we seem to be facing right now.  But Aquarius is not a heavy sign that seeks to burden us with guilt, anything but! And feeling obligated tends to isolate us, demotivate us and disempower us.  So let’s take this uniquely Aquarian moment in the year to recognise our shared humanity, our interdependence with one another, to celebrate community and our place within it. Aquarius: The Fountain of Youth Aquarius carries the ever-replenishing and re-juvenating waters of life, the fountain of youth, the elixir of immortality that spills over from our cups when we allow our humanity to shine.  What do you care about, beyond your own personal concerns? What kind of future do you want to see?  Think about the communities you belong to, your groups of friends, the people who matter to you in your life, the people you choose to have in your life. Consider how much you matter to them, and how the greatest contribution you make to their lives is when you show up as your true, unedited self.  Ask yourself:  What is it that makes me different and what difference do I make? The New Moon Chart When we look at the new moon chart, we see the Sun and Moon are being squared by Uranus, modern ruler of Aquarius, from its current position at 2˚ Taurus.  This suggests a build up of nervous energy and impulse for change, for rebellion, for revolution.  We may well feel the urge to break free of something, break out of a pattern or claim our independence from a situation. We should be mindful here, and not rip ourselves away in haste. For one thing, we can notice if we are becoming too rigid or intolerant, and remember our own inevitable failings.  Aquarius awakens that radical spirit in us, connects us to an idealism that seeks to be free of hierarchy and control.  It opens the gateway to an invisible network of information that dynamically creates life and when we sense this, we can easily become disillusioned by the poor job that we human beings actually make of the world!  It is...

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Saturn-Pluto: Speaking from the Shadows

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𝗦𝗮𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗻-𝗣𝗹𝘂𝘁𝗼: 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝗳𝗲𝘀𝘀𝗶𝗼𝗻𝘀 𝗼𝗳 𝗮 𝗪𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗔𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗼𝗹𝗼𝗴𝗲𝗿 #𝟳 – 𝙎𝙥𝙚𝙖𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙛𝙧𝙤𝙢 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙎𝙝𝙖𝙙𝙤𝙬𝙨 So it is upon us. Saturn and Pluto are making their first exact conjunction since 1983, (exact at 6pm UK time) and with Sun, Mercury and Ceres all gathering in conference at 22 degrees of Capricorn, it feels like it is stamping itself into the annals of astrological history. I’ve just been sent photos from a friend of a sunrise ceremony on Glastonbury Tor to honour the alignment of these two great astrological powerhouses entering into alchemical union in the starry heavens. It is hidden from our physical sight – the two planets are caught within the sunbeams this month, and thus completely occulted. And that occultation seems to be reflective of the challenge that confronts us now: to face our shadow, take responsibility for the ways in which we undermine our integrity, and own up to our self-serving, destructive behaviours. I find it inspiring that this conjunction is being given its due ritual respect and if I was in Glastonbury now, I’d have been up early to join my friends on the Tor this morning. I’m travelling in south-east Asia, though, right now, where the night sky looks very different and images of rats, dragons, snakes and tigers populate the astrological wheel. There’s no getting away from it here though; I may be having a break here in Thailand, taking time out to seek a new perspective, while encountering exotic sights, tastes and smells, exploring new ways of living and loving, but I carry my own wheel of images with me wherever I go, and I’m travelling with a fellow astrologer! For us westerners the images of these two forbidding mythic characters, the old Lord of Time, and the Lord of the Underworld, have seized hold of our imagination and they demand a response from us. I’ve spoken a lot about the collective impact of this year’s planetary conjunctions, focussing especially on this one, but I haven’t published so much about how I myself am dealing with it. Indeed I stopped writing my astrologer’s confessions a couple of months, for reasons that may become evident as you read this. So here goes… Confessions of a wandering astrologer #7. First of all, I recognise I am conflicted. I am trying to live a good life, an ethical life, a sane life in a world filled with temptations, distractions and dysfunctions, the receptors of which dwell within my own soul, and these seem hell-bent on making the attempt at such a life as difficult as possible. I believe in love. And I presume to identify as a kind and loving person. I am, and yet I am unavoidably confronted with all the ways in which I am not. For all my strong Libran sensibilities, and my desire to do the right thing by others, I have lacked the courage to say (or sometimes even to know) what I want at the start of a relationship or partnership. I have compromised on my own needs and desires, failed to take decisive action when it was needed, and have ended up letting down people I love and betraying their trust in me. I have an exact Venus-Saturn conjunction, which gives me a strong sense of duty, commitment, and integrity, but...

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer / Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

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Wow!  What a full moon this is today! It happens in Cancer, at 20 degrees, (7.21pm UK time) is also a penumbral lunar eclipse, giving it longer range effect.  And it occurs just as Saturn and Pluto are perfecting their much anticipated conjunction in Capricorn. We actually have an extraordinary line up of planets today, with the Sun, Mercury and Ceres all conjunct Saturn and Pluto in control-oriented Capricorn in opposition to the sensitive, watery Cancer moon.  This is a serious time dominated by themes of power and authority, set against our need for safety, home, and emotional security. If you are feeling at full stretch at the moment, under pressure, or oppressed by forces that seem beyond your control, then don’t be too surprised. In honouring the moon, we need to be compassionate with ourselves and others over this period, protect what is most precious and stay attentive to the inward and downward tug of the soul. We are traversing some turbulent cosmic currents right now. The most important thing is, that we don’t succumb to fear and fall prey to the fear-mongering that is evidently rife in the world at the moment. Furthermore we must be really question ourselves, question our authenticity, check and double check that we are acting in line with our values and act with integrity, for if we do not the the consequences are likely to be grave. And what about the stuff we are not really owning up to, the hypocrisies in our lives? Ask yourself: ‘Am I living true to my own ethics and values, or am I just paying lip service to them?’ What is it that really matters to you and what do you care most about? Maybe that is your family, or your loved ones, or perhaps what is most urgent is that you acknowledge your own deep needs for nurture and nourishment? Perhaps that has been neglected. Are you looking after the roots of your being or are you too busy protecting or defending your reputation, or your standing in the world? Are you justifying certain behaviours by saying ‘ well, the ends justify the means?’, whilst at the same time betraying what matters the most to your soul? These are tough questions, but ones that, more than ever, we must face now. The Saturn Pluto Conjunction Saturn and Pluto perfect their exact conjunction on **Sunday 12th Jan at 6pm** UK time, and their message for each one of us is stark, severe and uncompromising. It runs something like this: “Face your shadow, accept your own darkness and own your shit; stand up for what is important, stop pretending that ‘everything is fine the way it is’ if it really isn’t; stop projecting your unaddressed fears, frustrations and judgments and onto others; stop avoiding what is right in front of you; recognise your obsession with looking good and being right; become accountable for the way that your attitude and behaviour destroys trust and breaks connection.” This year is one of reckoning, and the consequences of our actions and behaviours are laid bare before us. It is hard to predict how things will go at a collective level, but the corruption of political power and authority has clearly reached epic proportions and we can be forgiven for feeling...

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Full Moon in Gemini & UK Election Day

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Today’s full moon in Gemini occurs at 5.13am GMT, just before the British people go to the polls in the UK General Election. And there are some remarkable parallels between today’s full moon, the chart of the United Kingdom and the charts of the leaders of the two main parties. I will come to the significance of that in due course, but first let’s look at the energy of the full moon itself. As with all full moons, the Sun and Moon are in opposition with the Sun in far-seeing, far-reaching, big-picture oriented Sagittarius, and the Moon in buzzy, inquisitive, quick-witted, and easily distracted Gemini. The Sun and Moon occupy 19 degrees of these two signs. There is an inevitable tension here between our faith in what is ethically right and true (Sagittarius) and the many viewpoints from which truth may be regarded and the many stories that can be spun around that (Gemini). From the Sagittarian “trust me, I know what I’m doing, and it’s for the good”, to the Geminian “well, how can I trust you? where’s the evidence?” The Sagittarian part in each of us wants to keep the faith, look beyond the current situation, and trust that better days are ahead, while the Gemini part needs dialogue, and is full of opinions, questions and doubts. The key here is the establishment of a proper perspective, for both of these signs can misjudge the size of things. Sagittarius can over-reach, or overestimate what is possible, and also underestimate the impact that clumsy or mis-informed actions can have on others; Gemini can become overwhelmed with data and fail to see the wood for the trees. An open dialogue is crucial here, where both the intuitive and the inquisitive approaches are admitted; one that allows that Geminian talent for information gathering to support and benefit from the directional thrust, energy and conviction that Sagittarius is famous for. Today’s full moon chart also features a conjunction of Venus, Saturn and Pluto, with Venus & Saturn both making uncomfortable aspects to the Sun and Moon, inconjunct to the Moon and semi-sextile to the Sun. It’s an edgy and restless configuration that Huber School of Astrology call an ‘Irritation Triangle’, and it does not suggest an easy resolution of events. Remarkably, it is the same figure that we saw in the New Moon chart two weeks ago, with the aspects that the Sun and Moon were making to Uranus. This really has been the theme this month, a striving for understanding and for resolution which doesn’t come. So to the General Election. Being so close to the full moon, that same signature of unease and incompletion is present, as the polls open this morning. One of the first things we notice when we apply today’s positions as transits to the UK chart is that Saturn is directly opposite the Moon (19 degrees Cancer) in the UK Constitution Chart for 1801. That Moon in Cancer in the 10th house can most definitely be seen a symbol of British nationalism, imperialism, and the ‘Island Race’ (the exact trine of the Moon to Neptune adds greatly to this mythos). So with Saturn precisely opposing that Moon today, those that want to lead Britain in the name of that, namely Boris Johnson and the Tory...

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What on earth is going on in the heavens in 2020?

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Four Hour Online Seminar Series on Sat 9th / Sun 10th Nov 2019 We are fast approaching one of the most critical and significant astrological alignments of the modern era. In January 2020, Saturn and Pluto make a rare and powerful conjunction in Capricorn, followed soon after by Jupiter’s triple conjunction with Pluto and then to round off the year, Jupiter and Saturn make their own conjunction to each other in Aquarius. Add into the picture two very potent eclipses and the involvement of some powerful Divine Feminine energies in the form of Ceres, Eris, Pallas and Black Moon Lilith, and we have quite the astrological line up in 2020! So what should we expect both personally and collectively? What can we learn from the history of these planetary cycles, and how might we align ourselves to the energy and work with this consciously? On 9th & 10th November, in a unique two-part online seminar, myself and American astrologer, Divine Harmony, will be addressing these questions directly. Each seminar will last two hours, so four hours of teaching in total. They will start at 6pm UK time on both days. Here are the details… – Saturday 9th Nov: An Overview of the Social, Political & Environmental Impact of the Astrology of 2020 – Sunday 10th Nov: What Does 2020 Mean for You on a Personal Level? For this second seminar seminar, we will be looking at which houses these alignments are occurring in your own birth chart. So have a copy of your chart to hand. Timings on Both Days: 10am – 12noon (Pacific Standard Time) 1pm – 3pm (Eastern Standard Time) 6pm – 8pm (GMT / UK time) Click here to reserve your...

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