March 9th 2016 Solar Eclipse Video

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We have a very powerful solar eclipse coming up on Weds 9th March, over the new moon in Pisces. A five planet line-up in Pisces with the south node of the Moon, opposed to Jupiter and the north node in Virgo, all of which forms a tense t-square alignment with Saturn in Sagittarius. A real signature of change, with so much mutable energy, indicating a need to let go, relinquish what does not serve one’s spiritual path, let go of any unnecessary egoic attachment. It’s a challenging configuration that feels very karmic. I’ve...

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New Moon in Aquarius – 8th Feb 2016

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As we head into the Aquarian new moon on Monday, there is likely to be tension in the air, with Mars in almost exact square to the Sun and Moon. Mars is potent in Scorpio, highly sexed, frustrated with Aquarian abstractions, and smouldering with intensity. It sets a theme for the new lunar month, basically we must find a way of expressing and transforming sexual energy in ways that raise consciousness and bring mutual benefit and satisfaction. Venus will have had her brush with her dark aspect by then, and is separating from the conjunction...

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An Aquarian Poem for Imbolc: ‘Snowdrop’

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I wrote this poem for Imbolc a couple of years ago, read it out at the white spring ceremony in Glastonbury this morning. Thought I’d share it here, with blessings to all at this tender moment in the wheel of the year heart emoticon Snowdrop Sad-eyed candle flame White robed innocent What tender courage is this To come forth now In such a season Bearing a torch While others sleep on Aquarian prophet Herald of the coming dawn Visionary Awakener You are the quickening of my heart Made visible A clarion call of hope In a hushed winter...

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Astrological Insights for 1st Feb 2016

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First Week of February Although Mercury turned direct a week ago in the mid degree of Capricorn, it did so while in exact conjunction with the underworld lord, Pluto, who confronts us with our shadow nature. Usually a Mercury-Pluto aspect lasts no more than a day or so, but because Mercury has been stationed, this has stretched out for a whole week. So if you have experienced a week of unusually grave and intense thoughts and communications, then this could account for it. It has also temporarily re-stimulated the energy of the gradually...

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Full Moon in Taurus Tonight

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Full Moon in Taurus tonight at 10.20pm GMT. Let the focus of your meditation be on gratitude and appreciation for what is right there in front of you. Also some recognition for having weathered the storm of this very challenging lunar cycle which was seeded on the solar eclipse two weeks ago. If an atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust marked the early waxing phase of this lunar cycle, then hopefully it prompted some deep diving into shadow issues that exist within the self. The focus should be on the recovery of perspective, and a deepening...

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Solar Eclipse in Scorpio – 23rd Oct 2014

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Tomorrow’s solar eclipse (23rd Oct, 10.45pm BST) occurs just as the Sun and Moon enter Scorpio in a precise alignment with Venus.  So we have a triple conjunction in Scorpio, where both Moon and Venus struggle most to feel needed and valued.  This is rooted culturally in lack of nurture (moon) and lack of love (Venus), often manifesting in patterns of abuse and neglect against women and against the feminine essence that each one of us carries.  There is a need to honour and respect the dark goddess during this period.  So nowhere else...

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Lunar Eclipse 8th Oct 2014

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We are under the auspice of a powerful lunar eclipse today, which begins an eclipse season which culminates with a solar eclipse on 23rd October. Although not visible as such in the UK, due to its daytime occurrence (11.45am UK time), today’s lunar eclipse carries a potent astrological signature as the Sun (in Libra) and Moon (in Aries) line up in opposition to one another on the cardinal cross, and activate a challenging and confronting t-square aspect with the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square. There is also a grand fire trine formed...

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Cardinal Grand Cross – 23rd April 2014

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We are fast approaching one of the most extraordinary astrological alignments of our times, as four major planetary players meet head-to-head in a highly charged configuration, each precisely positioned at 13 degrees of the four cardinal signs on the 23rd April.  The two outer planets Uranus and Pluto have been forming a series of square aspects to one another since 2012, and this April they make another exact 90 degree alignment to one another.  This is a revolutionary and potentially explosive combination in itself, but now add into the mix...

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All Change in the Heavens as Mars & Saturn Turn Retrograde

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It’s all change in the heavens at the moment. Mercury has just turned back direct, while Mars and Saturn, astrology’s two traditional malefics, both turn retrograde this weekend. And then Jupiter turns direct again on Wednesday. If you thought life was going in one direction, you might discover this week that it’s not going quite where you thought it was! The Mars retrograde phase is particularly interesting – I would say it’s about accessing the inner warrior, in Libra, the peaceful warrior – it’s...

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Powerful New Moon to Start 2014

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I’m posting some thoughts on the year to come in this short video blog. Powerful new moon line-up on New Year’s Day. Venus & Jupiter both start the year retrograde and Mars is causing trouble right from the off, making a hard square to Pluto on the 1st January. Saturn remains in Scorpio for the year and Jupiter doesn’t leave Cancer until July. Mars spends the first half of the year in Libra, and is retrograde from early March until...

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