Confession #6: Touched by Eternity

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Confessions of a wandering astrologer #6… Touched by Eternity.
[Moon void of course in the late degrees of Aries. Sun square Pluto. Mercury sextile Saturn]

It has been pointed out to me once or twice by my closest friends that, on occasion, I have a tendency to catastrophise. It’s a fire sign thing, I’m sure. I’ve seen it too, with my Aries, Leo and Saggie friends. It’s about being so swept up in the moment with what’s going on now, that you lose perspective on the future, or the past, and assume that what is happening now is all there is, all that ever has been, and all there ever will be! And while there is truth in this, for sure, that distorted sense of time, when it comes upon us all of a sudden, can temporary dislodge or unbalance our rhythm and connection to our body and to the earth. (Not having any earth in your chart doesn’t help!). The other side of it, of course, is a fantastic boon, that feeling of being passionately alive and charged up in the vitality the moment – it’s an exhilarating experience for us fiery types; an enthusiasm, an enthe-deos a sense of being filled with the Divine, where all fear and doubt just drop away.

The loss of perspective, though, when we misjudge the size of things and get things out of proportion, is a shadow manifestation of the fire element, and it’s entirely different to the type of melancholy that the earth and water signs are more prone to. I’m pretty good at catching myself these days when I sense its presence, and my policy is usually to call one of my Aquarian friends, who will generally make light of whatever is going on, take the piss a bit, and help me get over myself.

Yesterday, though, when I felt it beginning to happen – under the intensity of the full moon – I took myself to an ancient, 2000 year-old yew near where I’m currently living in Kent. I began by singing the ancient names of the tree that I learned on the Yew Mysteries course with Michael Dunning, and then, as I sat resting against its mighty girth, doing the practices I learned on the course, I felt an expansion of consciousness and spaciousness open up. It seemed to be coming from outside of my individual being, and my relationship to my breath completely changed. I could feel my lungs being filled and emptied in rhythm with an ancient breathing from beyond my own metabolism. The yew was breathing me, and that breath was eternal. Everything slowed down and I had a powerful glimpse of who I am beyond the drama of my own life. I experienced moments of this during the course, and have experienced my share of sublime moments of connection to the divine, but there was something so profound about this experience of a transcendent breathing; being touched by the breath of eternity. And it put a welcome end to my catastrophising!

I am off to the US this week, to California mainly, also Arizona, and maybe Colorado, have a well-needed holiday and catch up with friends there.

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