Confessions of a Wandering Astrologer #3: Chiron’s Wound

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Confessions of a wandering astrologer #3.

It is first quarter moon time today, with the moon now in Capricorn, square the Sun in Libra. And Mars has now entered Libra; the warrior turning up for battle just as a ceasefire is called! So he must his ply his energy into peace, justice and reconciliation, initiating open dialogue to create more harmonious agreements.
Today Mars makes a conjunction to my natal Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the seventh house of my chart, exactly as I am initiating a more radical commitment to love, openness and communication within relationship. Mars will also oppose my Sun-Chiron conjunction in Aries in the coming days, challenging a lot of my former identity about who I am in relation to others.

In this ‘confession’, I will say something about Chiron, the kindly centaur, mentor to the heroes, and wounder-healer. I hit 50 this year and so this is the year of my Chiron return, with my natal Chiron being in Aries in the first house, and conjunct my Aries Sun, I have really had to revisit that core wound around identity, who I am in the world, who I am for others, who I am for myself. For the first 21 years of my life, I never felt that I fitted in anywhere. Then, at that age, it was revealed to me, unequivocally, that my vocation was to become an astrologer – hardly the most acceptable of professions! I remember when I first started telling people that I was an astrologer, the response was along the lines of: ‘what? that’s not something you can be!’

In the myth, Chiron is a maverick figure who lives on the margins, away from his own kin, as the otherworldly medicine man. The eccentric orbit of the tiny planetoid we know as Chiron reflects this liminal, maverick quality, moving as it does between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus. Being occasionally inside the orbit of Saturn, and at other times, beyond that of Uranus, Chiron is like a bridge between the personal and transpersonal realm, partaking of both but belonging to neither.

I am currently in the midst of a four-day training with Michael Dunning in the Yew Mysteries, and, interestingly, I learned yesterday that the seed of the yew berry is known as the ‘arrow poison’, it being deadly if ingested. It reminded me of Chiron, who suffers a fatal wound from a poisoned arrow, but because he is immortal he cannot die and so is destined to suffer with a wound that will never properly heal. The Chironic experience can feel like this; it points to the core wound that revisits us again and again. Yet, when we can really embody that wounded part of us and come to know its essential place within our being, that same wound can be the very key that opens up our particular healing vocation.

With my own Chiron position, I have had to face and transcend a lot of shame, and accept that it is ok simply to show up as myself; for in that showing up, my true nature can radiate out and become an inspiration to others. And I have been shown again and again that I am most effective as an astrologer, teacher, lover and friend, when I am radiantly myself.

Thanks for reading 🙏

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