Confessions of a Wandering Astrologer #1: To Be a Wanderer

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Confessions of a wandering astrologer #1 … So I’ve had this idea to start a new blog, with this title. I feel drawn to share my insights and astrologically inspired reflections, and something of my rather strange life as an astrologer. For now I’m going to post on here, until I get a new blog website set up. The idea came at the Libra new moon on Saturday, as I was reflecting on where I am right now in my life.
Today the moon is in Scorpio, and Venus is about to return from the underworld, where you might just briefly glimpse her in the twilight of dusk over the coming days, as she begins her eight month residency as an ‘evening star’. Here we go with my first confession…

I chose the title for the blog, when it occurred to me that, of late, my life has become increasingly like that of the planets, known as ‘wanderers’ to the ancients. For just as they wander through the stars of the Zodiac, so I observe myself endlessly moving and being moved by what is turning within my soul. For alignment, I tend to look to the motions of the heavenly spheres and a dedication to the stars, rather than turning toward a particular place, home or relationship for orientation.
Over the next six months, I will make temporary homes in Canterbury, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Bali, Thailand, Glastonbury, and other places too. Ecologically irresponsible, perhaps, yet driven by a vocational calling that is compelling, and apparently necessary for whatever purpose I cannot yet say.

So I have been contemplating that if my destiny is to wander this world, and for home to be a series of transient places on earth, then what about my relationship to the centre, to the central core of my being? For a nomadic tribe, this would have been honoured in the erection of the pole in the centre of their yurts, a type of axis mundi, that would connect sky and earth, hearth and home.

On the pilgrimage I led recently on the Glastonbury Zodiac Milky Way path, our group visited the Zodiac’s centre at Park Wood in Butleigh, which lies close to the Milky Way path. For the past ten years, a few of us zodiac pilgrims have been paying respect to a particular yew tree there, as being the world tree of the landscape zodiac, reaching to the centre of the ecliptic; that one fixed and stable point of orientation in the heavens. It sits in the heart of the constellation of Draco (there is a dragon legend associated with Park Wood), and it is the only place in the sky that is unaffected by the 26,000 year cycle of precession, located as it is at the centre of the precessional ‘wobble’ in the northern sky. It is fairly close to the pole star, which visibly holds its position in the nightly round, and orients us to north (at least in our current era), but that will shift in time. This point in the heart of the dragon, though, is the omphalos, the umbilicus of the Zodiac and it remains forever constant. It is the point at the centre of the circle, and at the centre of your birth chart.

Whenever I visit this yew tree, I feel a deeply reassuring sense of home, and one of my ways of re-centring myself is to imagine myself there. I think it’s good to have places like this in your life, sacred trees that you honour, sacred springs or hills, special places in nature that you can make an offering at, a place where you can dwell, in your imagination, and feel the presence of heaven and earth within you.

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