Foundation Course in Astrology

Online Foundation Course in Astrology
With John Wadsworth

This comprehensive astrology programme, available now for the first time as an online course, will give you the foundational skills to understand the language of astrology, the dynamics of a birth chart, and the nature of planetary cycles. The course also offers a journey of profound self-understanding and personal transformation.  It is run over three terms of nine weeks, with weekly online classes on Zoom, and includes ongoing support and assessment throughout the course.

The birth chart is an expression of wholeness, and the course is carefully crafted to reflect this. We build up the layers of interpretation each week, working systematically through the elements and crosses, signs, planets, houses, house rulership, aspects, nodes & eclipses, learning to work with an ephemeris, understanding retrograde motion, working with transits and progressions.

A Complete Course in Birth Chart Interpretation
Whether you are completely new to astrology, or have some experience of it already, the course will give you a thorough grounding in the subject, and give you the tools to read your birth chart effectively and coherently. During the course, we approach each area of study in depth and with a focus on enriching your own self-understanding. There is a strong emphasis on self-awareness, individuation, healing and transformation. You will be working with your own chart primarily, but you will also be encouraged to work the charts of friends and family members also.

The course is suitable for beginners, and also those with existing astrological understanding, who wish to consolidate their knowledge and become proficient in interpretating a chart.

About John

I am a highly experienced practitioner and teacher of astrology, with thirty years of experience.  My approach is embodied and experiential, designed to generate deep insights into the archetypal dimension of astrological symbolism.  I will bring astrology alive for you in a way that is richly meaningful and relevant for your life.

I am the author of the best-selling book, Your Zodiac Soul, published by Orion Books in 2018.  Taking an experiential approach to the zodiac wheel, I show how the zodiac is as a development model, opening up a twelvefold process of self-inquiry, twelve gateways to happiness, balance and wholeness, an initiatory journey of the soul.

Course Assistant: Tamsin St George
I have asked Tamsin St George to join me on this new venture, given her experience and enjoyment of teaching astrology to beginner level students. Tamsin and I have worked together for a number of years, and we are excited about the prospect of this new learning opportunity and for the combined support we can offer students. Our joint teaching experience helps instil confidence in students, and we both believe that an approachable learning style is just as important as the absorption of technical information. We feel that the combination of our different gifts and skills will make for a very powerful learning experience.

Course Testimonials
“John’s courses are packed with astrological information, presented very clearly and thoughtfully and backed up with excellent notes. Going beyond the necessary nuts and bolts of astrological knowledge, they delve into archetypal meanings and uncover how each profound symbol is reflected in our own birth charts and those of others. The opportunity to begin to play intuitively with the symbols is an integral part of the course. John’s teaching is sensitive, responsive and deep and I have found the experience rich, satisfying, touching and enlightening.” (Gillian)

“There are many levels to astrology and John teaches them all so well, he works from the basics into a soul journey we each need to understand in ourselves and help others to find.” (Erin)

“The combination of John and Tamsin’s intuitive understanding and their ability to share it enabled each of us to realise our competence and understanding of this amazing field of knowledge”. (Duncan)

Course Dates & Lessons (Tuesdays, 6pm-8pm)

Term One: The Archetypal Language of Astrology
13th Oct – 8th Dec 2020

Lesson 1: Introducing Astrology, its History & Context. Introducing the Birth Chart
Lesson 2: Introducing the Zodiac Wheel
Lesson 3: The Four Elements
Lesson 4: The Three Crosses / Quadruplicities
Lesson 5: The Luminaries: The Sun & Moon
Lesson 6: The Personal Planets: Mercury, Venus & Mars
Lesson 7: The Societal Planets: Jupiter & Saturn
Lesson 8: An Introduction to the Twelve Houses
Lesson 9: An Introduction to Aspects

Term Two: Interpreting The Birth Chart
26 Jan – 23 Mar 2021

Lesson 10 (26 Jan 2021): The Houses Part 2: Angular, Succedent & Cadent Houses. Planets in Houses.

Lesson 11 (2 Feb 2021): The Outer Planets 1: Uranus & Neptune. Understanding the planetary archetypes. The house position of these planets and their aspects to personal planets.

Lesson 12 (9 Feb 2021): The Outer Planets 2: Pluto. Understanding the planetary archetype. How to interpret its house position and aspects to personal planets.

Lesson 13 (16 Feb 2021): Houses Part 3: House Rulerships. How to identify which planet rules each houses of our chart, and how to interpret this.

Lesson 14 (23 Feb 2021): Planetary Strength – assessing how strong a planet is according to its sign, house placement & aspects.

Lesson 15 (2 Mar 2021): Aspects Part 2: The Inconjunct & semi-sextile; Aspect patterns. Introducing these two new aspects, and exploring aspect patterns such as the t-square & the grand trine.

Lesson 16 (9 Mar 2021): Nodal Axis. The north and south node of the moon. What they are, and what they mean

Lesson 17 (16 Mar 2021): Chiron. Understanding the archetype of the wounded healer. How to interpret its house position and aspects to personal planets.

Lesson 18 (23 Mar 2021): The Birth Chart in Context. An overview of everything we have covered so far, and a step-by-step guide to interpretating the chart.

Term Three: The Evolving Cycles of the Planets
20 Apr – 15 June 2021

Lesson 19: Introducing the Ephemeris & Retrograde Planets
Lesson 20: Planetary Cycles (1): Jupiter & Saturn (introduce the time-line)
Lesson 21: Planetary Cycles (2): The Outer Planets – Uranus, Neptune, Pluto & Chiron
Lesson 22: Transits to natal chart placements (1)
Lesson 23: Transits to natal chart placements (2)
Lesson 24: Moon Phases – Lunation cycle
Lesson 25: The Progressed Chart & Progressed Lunation Cycle
Lesson 26: Progressions to Natal Positions
Lesson 27: Putting it All Together. Steps to follow in Interpretation

Worksheets and handouts accompany each class, and students are expected to complete a worksheet for each class and submit these at the end of the term.

All classes are video recorded, and recordings will be sent to all participants after each class.

At the end of the third term, students are expected to complete a short assignment, where they demonstrate their learning from the course.  Upon successful competion of this assignment, students will be awarded a certificate in foundational studies in astrology.

Course Fees

Full Price: £795.00


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Foundation Course in Astrology