Full Moon in Aries – 16th Oct 2016

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We have a very energetic Aries full moon approaching tonight. As the Sun and Moon move to precisely oppose each other at 5.24am tomorrow morning, the ‘moment’ of the full moon, the moon in Aries will conjunct the planet Uranus within 1 degree of orb. This a highly charged line-up, which could bring with it a feeling of restlessness, a a call to action, a reactive impulse which feels the need to break up the status quo in some way. Such impulses are best addressed here through a radical demand for authenticity, looking within for one’s own fiery truth, accessing that warrior courage that is willing to act, to make changes. This may indeed upset the balance of things and this is the source of the tension here, as we are also pulled in the opposite direction by the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in diplomatic Libra. Libra is interested in relationship, in keeping the peace and creating harmony and while they are in this sign, the concerns of these planetary archetypes are also focussed around justice, and in any situation that doesn’t seem fair or equitable, they will make their voice heard. And Mercury, in particular, is inclined to be argumentative here, being that he is in square aspect to the applying Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. There are some powerful forces at work here that could ultimately bring healing, but only if the shadow is properly recognised and addressed. The energy of this full moon harvests the seed sown at the Libra new moon back on the 1st October, and its energy is likely to be felt during the next fourteen days of the disseminating / waning moon phase. love & blessings to all <3

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