Full Moon in Gemini & UK Election Day

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Today’s full moon in Gemini occurs at 5.13am GMT, just before the British people go to the polls in the UK General Election. And there are some remarkable parallels between today’s full moon, the chart of the United Kingdom and the charts of the leaders of the two main parties. I will come to the significance of that in due course, but first let’s look at the energy of the full moon itself.

Full Moon in Gemini

As with all full moons, the Sun and Moon are in opposition with the Sun in far-seeing, far-reaching, big-picture oriented Sagittarius, and the Moon in buzzy, inquisitive, quick-witted, and easily distracted Gemini. The Sun and Moon occupy 19 degrees of these two signs. There is an inevitable tension here between our faith in what is ethically right and true (Sagittarius) and the many viewpoints from which truth may be regarded and the many stories that can be spun around that (Gemini). From the Sagittarian “trust me, I know what I’m doing, and it’s for the good”, to the Geminian “well, how can I trust you? where’s the evidence?”

The Sagittarian part in each of us wants to keep the faith, look beyond the current situation, and trust that better days are ahead, while the Gemini part needs dialogue, and is full of opinions, questions and doubts. The key here is the establishment of a proper perspective, for both of these signs can misjudge the size of things. Sagittarius can over-reach, or overestimate what is possible, and also underestimate the impact that clumsy or mis-informed actions can have on others; Gemini can become overwhelmed with data and fail to see the wood for the trees. An open dialogue is crucial here, where both the intuitive and the inquisitive approaches are admitted; one that allows that Geminian talent for information gathering to support and benefit from the directional thrust, energy and conviction that Sagittarius is famous for.

Today’s full moon chart also features a conjunction of Venus, Saturn and Pluto, with Venus & Saturn both making uncomfortable aspects to the Sun and Moon, inconjunct to the Moon and semi-sextile to the Sun. It’s an edgy and restless configuration that Huber School of Astrology call an ‘Irritation Triangle’, and it does not suggest an easy resolution of events. Remarkably, it is the same figure that we saw in the New Moon chart two weeks ago, with the aspects that the Sun and Moon were making to Uranus. This really has been the theme this month, a striving for understanding and for resolution which doesn’t come.

So to the General Election. Being so close to the full moon, that same signature of unease and incompletion is present, as the polls open this morning. One of the first things we notice when we apply today’s positions as transits to the UK chart is that Saturn is directly opposite the Moon (19 degrees Cancer) in the UK Constitution Chart for 1801. That Moon in Cancer in the 10th house can most definitely be seen a symbol of British nationalism, imperialism, and the ‘Island Race’ (the exact trine of the Moon to Neptune adds greatly to this mythos). So with Saturn precisely opposing that Moon today, those that want to lead Britain in the name of that, namely Boris Johnson and the Tory party, might well end up being stopped, or at least delayed, as this is the signature of Saturn. In addition the full moon alignment at 19 degrees of Sagittarius and Gemini synchronises perfectly with a tension which exists between Boris Johnson’s chart, and that of the UK. Both charts have Libra rising, so we can see why, at least superficially, Boris is a natural ‘fit’ for the UK people – affably and appeasing at least outwardly. However his Mercury at Gemini is directly opposed to that of the UK


The Sun and Moon are strongly located in the 1st and 7th house respectively and at 19 degrees Gemini (the same degree as today’s Moon) is directly opposed to the UK’s Mercury in Sagittarius, which suggests that his ideas and his way of communicating information would seem to be at odds with the UK people. But then, so is Jeremy Corbyn’s! His Mercury, also in Gemini, is also directly opposite the UK’s Mercury. Corbyn’s time of birth is unknown so it is difficult to say much about whether his chances of success are good, but my sense from the astrology is that neither leader is persuading the electorate in a conclusive way.

So, much as I would prefer to predict an outright Labour victory, my astrological sense is tending toward an inconclusive result, leading to some form of hung parliament, adding further to the frustration among voters. I do wonder if Boris might get voted out in his own constituency, let’s see – that may just be wishful thinking!

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