Full Moon in Libra 28th March 2021

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This Libra full moon (28 March, 7.48pm UK time) carries profound lessons about love and relationship. The Aries-Libra polarity teaches us a lot about the inter-dependent nature of our connections with others. On the one hand, self-willed Aries convinces us that we are autonomous individuals; on the other Libra reminds us that we are always and already related to one another in ways which are unavoidable. Aries insists that we are born alone and must die alone; that we must make our own way in life, follow our own passions and seek our own redemption. The Libra response is that we are never alone, that we are irresistibly tuned for relationship, and that our very being can only be validated through another’s witnessing of it.

The fiery, independent Aries impulse sends out an attractive signal that draws us into a relationship that was always there from the start. Libra teaches us that ‘I am because you are’. From this perspective, we can never act in isolation; each individual action is met with a consequence necessary to restore the balance. Indeed the very circumstances of our incarnation in this lifetime are a consequence of the imbalance we have generated in former lives through the inconsiderate execution of the untempered will. Libra invites us in to this reflection.

Sun-Venus-Chiron in Aries: The Wounds of Love & Passion
The presence of Chiron and Venus conjunct the sun in Aries, opposite the Libran Moon in the full moon chart heightens our sensitivity and sense of vulnerabilty. Feelings are easily hurt under such tender astrological conditions. We are in touch with the wounds of love, fragile and fleeting moments of eros, brief glimpses of ecstacy, which turn to reveal a sense of brokenness in the core our being. In such a Venus-Chiron moment, we are more acutely in touch with all the ways in which we might deny ourselves the experience of beauty, or feel shame around what gives us pleasure. However desirous we may be of love and affection, we feel it is somehow too painful to let it in. In such times as we as living through right now, perhaps we don’t feel we have the right to such apparent indulgences.

Yet how is it for us to allow ourselves to feel all of this, whilst remaining open and vulnerable? To feel the heartbreaking beauty of the world around us, even while bearing the deep discomfort of being part of a human race that continues to plunder and wreak havoc upon the earth. What if the revelaing of our vulnerability were to be our gift here, the baring of the soul in the face of such brokenness, the capacity to remain open to receive love from another and to bear the beauty of the world, even in our darkest moments of pain and separation. To reach out, become a healing bridge of connection for those who feel isolated and alone, not out of charity, but out of deep empathy; to become a mediator of relationship, someone capable of drawing out the beauty of the world, even from within the depths of suffering.

Moon/Saturn Trine & Moon Uranus Inconjunct: Safety or Freedom?
We can see in the chart that the Moon is in a strong trine aspect to Saturn, and that it also makes an exact inconjunct aspect to Uranus in Taurus. The trine to Saturn in Aquarius seems reassuring, it offers us an idealistic structure that holds true to the status quo, and that makes us feel safe within certain conditions. And even if those conditions are limiting and restricting, even if they are held in place through fear, there is a sort of comfort in the confinement, the capacity to ‘love your sevitude’, as Orwell put it. Under a Libra moon, there is greater willingness to negotiate this sense of safety through an appeal to reason, and to tolerate a certain level of control and conformity.

The inconjunct aspect to Uranus has a very different dynamic about it though. It speaks to our frustration with the ideas of limits, it calls us to the liminal places of understanding that seem out of our rational reach. When the Moon makes this aspect to Uranus, we long to be free from constraints and want to break out of confinement, and restore our sense of individualism, and reconnect with what it is that makes us unique. The inconjunct makes us restless and uncomfortable, unpredictable and erratic. While most will inevitably fall in line with the more conventional, more reassuring consensus reflected in the Moon-Saturn trine, the presence of the inconjunct is disquieting, and those who allow it to tug at their soul will have no choice but to ask deeper and more searching questions. Full moon blessings to all.

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