Full Moon in Pisces Insights

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I thought I’d start this full moon post by sharing something of my own personal story, as it is was on the night of the Pisces full moon, almost exactly 30 years ago, that the muse of astrology first made herself known to me. It was a dramatic moment, the strangest of my life to that point, an otherworldy encounter that shattered my pre-existing worldview and reset the course of my life. In a bar on a remote beach in southern Spain, I was recognised spontaneously as an Aries, by someone with the same Sun-Chiron conjunction in Aries as me, who also shares my Pisces rising sign. Being rightly identified as I am, and put back in touch with my forgotten totemic power touched the core wound in my soul, awakened me to my own healing path and gave me my vocation.

I lay under the night sky for hours that night watching the moon and stars slowly turn, and realised, in a moment of profoundest epiphany, that what was turning in the heavens was also turning in me. That ecstatic realisation of astrological connectedness, beyond any reason or need for rational justification, is lodged deep in my knowing. It has carried me through times of personal upheaval; it has helped me to accept who I am with love and compassion, and it has enabled me to help others accept and love themselves.

So animated was I by this revelation back in 1990, that it seemed to those around me that I had gone mad, lost my mind. Yet I can say with confidence now, that those thirty years of dedicated astrological study and practice have keep me (relatively) sane. Within the madness of a materialism that has abandoned the soul, separated us from the true power of imagination, and blinded us to our true nature as human beings, we need to be reminded that our lives are part of a greater whole. Astrology has kept me connected to that more-than-human half of my being, and in the collective crisis we are facing now on the planet, nothing seems more important than to preserve and champion the integrity and wisdom of the soul.

What do you long for? What are you struggling to accept about yourself or others, or the world? What are you trying to control or make sense of, that seems simply beyond your power to do so?

I think it is fair to say that we are living in times of overwhelming confusion and disorientation, which is so characteristically Piscean. So many of us don’t know which way to turn, what to believe or who to trust. This full moon accentuates the inevitable tension between the ritualistic control of Virgo who stitches together life’s tapestry, micro-managing the details of life with discernment and precision, and the shape-shifting ambiguity of Pisces, who longs for escape, redemption, sublime beauty, and the release from suffering. With Pisces there is something to grieve, whether the unmourned passing of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or the loss of soulful connection with the world. We need something greater to devote ourselves to, and we long to believe there is a way of out of the tight web of control we feel locked within.

Yet if we don’t employ Virgoan vigilance, mindfulness, rigour in research, careful discrimination in the way we source information, then we are vulnerable to deception, and liable to become overwhelmingly confused by what’s going on. We always need to make the right adjustment in Virgo, take time to diagnose the symptom, identify the appropriate medicine, make the right offering at the right time. We need the right conditions for the otherworldy seeing of Pisces to become possible. Like casting an accurate horoscope, or carefully measuring out the right dosage of a remedy, Virgo can provide the ritual requirement necessary for the magic to happen. It can become the sacred container for the Piscean experience to reveal the hidden depths of a situation, and for the truth of the soul to be known.

There is a strong alliance with Uranus in this month’s full moon chart, with the Sun and Moon making trine and sextile aspects, respectively. A revolution in perception perhaps? Or at least the opportunity to take a radically different look at things. Taking the widest possible view is important right now, as we enter what could be a very challenging Autumn period. Venus and Saturn are stubbornly opposed in this full moon chart, which tends to frustrate openness in love, and places conditions and restrictions around relationship. Mars too, is menacingly stationed on the apex of t-square, poised like a coiled spring, about to turn retrograde and unleash his frustrated anger, as he makes further square aspects to Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter toward the end of September and into October.

The medicine of Pisces is compassion, when we realise that our joys and sorrows are connected, that we should not just pity others, or ourselves, but remember that we suffer together, as the word compassion implies. As I put it in my book, Your Zodiac Soul, “When we hold space for our sorrows and walk together in our shared grief, what is revealed is our shared joy. When we surrender ourselves to the compassion that is present, there we will find grief and the praise of life dancing side by side in the deepest of our hearts, carried by the music of the wheel that turns within us, around us, and beyond us.”

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