Full Moon in Sagittarius – Sat 21st May 2016

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It’s fair to say that this full moon (10.14pm in the UK on 21st May) is charged with polarity. Not just the Sun and Moon in opposition, but Venus and Mars also, with Mars conjunct the Moon in fiery Sagittarius and Venus (still in Taurus) in a cross-sign conjunction with the Sun in Gemini. Mars is retrograde and less confident, more introspective, than he would be normally when striding through Sagittarius. As Moon and Mars come into conjunction, there is an impetuous quality to the feminine aspect, tetchy, reactive and impulsive at an instinctive level, while the more conscious part of our nature seeks peace and balance. There is a strong impulse to act, to move on, to break free of restraints, and tensions may be apparent in relationships. Patience and reflection are called for on both sides, look for the the bigger perspective! Here is my latest video…

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