Full Moon in Scorpio – 22nd April 2016

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On Friday 22nd April at 6.25am UK time, we have a full moon in Scorpio. The Sun entered Taurus yesterday, a time of the year we associate with appreciation and abundance of nature’s gifts, a time to honour and accept the bounty of life and welcome its growth at this blossoming time of the year. At the time of the full moon though, when the Moon is in Taurus’s opposite sign, Scorpio, we must look beneath the surface of what is going on and ask the difficult questions. We shouldn’t necessarily accept what is presented to us at face value over the full moon period. It’s about trust, and if we have the courage to go there, and to look at our own shadow material, trust can be deepened through this full moon. We are an aspect of organic life, and true abundance requires us to embrace the whole cycle of life, not just focussing on growth. More is not always better. We must be prepared to honour what is passing out of existence as well, to let go, the grieve the loss. Only then can we fully appreciate the gifts we are being presented with.

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