Full Moon in Scorpio Insights

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This full moon in Scorpio sees the Moon at 17˚ Scorpio in direct opposition with the Sun at 17˚ Taurus. It draws forth the tension and the potential alchemical union between body and soul, earth and water, sensation and feeling; between the embodied gratification of sensuous pleasure and the intense wanting of sexual and psychological desire. The deep instincts of this years’s Scorpio Moon could make themselves known through a ravenous hunger for re-connection.

Scorpio’s role in the Zodiac is to reveal the uncomfortable truth that no-one really wants to face. And the bald truth here is that in this fertile and abundant season of Taurus, the most sensuous of all the signs, we are largely prevented from touching each other, from smelling each other, from interacting physically in all the ways that we know are essential to our health and wellbeing. We are restricted in our ability to experience each other through the senses, and thus to know each other through that irreducible medium of embodied intelligence. There is a price to pay for this loss, and Scorpio bears the debt.

If this Scorpio full moon has a purpose, then perhaps it is to reveal the profound psychological consequences of physical distancing and to reconnect us to the necessary intensity of our wanting for connection. If we have allowed ourselves to become lazy or complacent in our acceptance of things as they are, if we have succombed to bland conformity, or are putting up with situations without feeling the hurt, then this Scorpio full moon may unsettle us.

This is not an inducement to rebellion or wanton risk taking, but it should rally our feelings and provoke an emotional response from us. It could be that we really have founded a deep peace with the situation of our own lives, and if so that is a wonderful gift; the opportunity to retreat, spend time in the garden, listen to birdsong, be comforted by the knowledge that Gaia can breathe again. But even in such a case, Scorpio demands that we confront the truth, and the pain, of our soul’s longing. And the realm of the soul is never just an individual affair. The soul is an interconnected weave that binds us to the depth of the collective human experience, and when we are truly in touch with it, we are plucked like the strings of Orpheus’s lyre and the music cannot fail to move us.

That longing is expressed in a trine aspect from the Moon to Neptune, through which we seek redemption and some form of cathartic release of emotional tension. It reminds us of the loss we feel and Neptune wants us to feel it all, even while, at the same time, we may long to escape the pain.

Mercury, conjunct the Sun in Taurus, is applying his quicksilver mind to practical matters, trying to come up with ingenious ways of making ends meet, getting back to business and re-connecting with the natural world. The Sun and Mercury also aspect Neptune through the sextile aspect which offers the opportunity of transcendence and the possibility of relieving the full moon tension. Neptune can be a signature of avoidance too, and that may be a route that some of us choose. But still, the Scorpio moon needs to do its work, and eat away at our complacency and demands that we confront the rotten aspects of what is being served at our table.

As a final offering, here are the mantras I use for Taurus and Scorpio, which might be worth reflecting on over the full moon. Many blessings to all:

Taurus: “I am full embodied here, in the sensuality of this moment.”
Scorpio: “I face my own shadow and in so doing, I honour the depth of my soul.”

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