Full Moon in Scorpio

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We have a powerful full moon in Scorpio this evening (10.11pm, UK time), with the Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus and it carries themes of gratitude, sacrifice, sacred offering, and the relinquishing of attachment. I offer up this brief meditation in an attempt to express the polarity of this full moon…

How might we appreciate and cherish that which is most precious to us while at the same time relinquishing our claim upon it? How might we intensify our longing, and stretch our capacity for love so that we might experience the fullness of desire, even whilst deepening our spiritual life? How might we revel in the blessing of the earth’s abundant beauty and bounty, without compromising our desire for truth; the truth that our earthly life is but a transient feast already consumed with its ultimate demise?

Consider this: if we are to express the fullness of love and desire for the beings and experiences that cross our path, then we must simultaneously release our grip upon them and permit them to go their own way. If (through Venus), Taurus offers us that which is beautiful, delicious and pleasurable then (through Mars and Pluto), Scorpio’s highest complement to her is to sow the seed of death within the very heart of that beauty. To be truly in love with life, and to fully accept its gift, is to embrace death as a spiritual doorway within a greater cycle of life for which this life is a brief, yet vital stage, on the long pilgrimage of the soul.

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