Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer / Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

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Wow!  What a full moon this is today! It happens in Cancer, at 20 degrees, (7.21pm UK time) is also a penumbral lunar eclipse, giving it longer range effect.  And it occurs just as Saturn and Pluto are perfecting their much anticipated conjunction in Capricorn. We actually have an extraordinary line up of planets today, with the Sun, Mercury and Ceres all conjunct Saturn and Pluto in control-oriented Capricorn in opposition to the sensitive, watery Cancer moon.  This is a serious time dominated by themes of power and authority, set against our need for safety, home, and emotional security.

full moon in cancerIf you are feeling at full stretch at the moment, under pressure, or oppressed by forces that seem beyond your control, then don’t be too surprised. In honouring the moon, we need to be compassionate with ourselves and others over this period, protect what is most precious and stay attentive to the inward and downward tug of the soul. We are traversing some turbulent cosmic currents right now. The most important thing is, that we don’t succumb to fear and fall prey to the fear-mongering that is evidently rife in the world at the moment.

Furthermore we must be really question ourselves, question our authenticity, check and double check that we are acting in line with our values and act with integrity, for if we do not the the consequences are likely to be grave. And what about the stuff we are not really owning up to, the hypocrisies in our lives? Ask yourself: ‘Am I living true to my own ethics and values, or am I just paying lip service to them?’ What is it that really matters to you and what do you care most about? Maybe that is your family, or your loved ones, or perhaps what is most urgent is that you acknowledge your own deep needs for nurture and nourishment? Perhaps that has been neglected. Are you looking after the roots of your being or are you too busy protecting or defending your reputation, or your standing in the world? Are you justifying certain behaviours by saying ‘ well, the ends justify the means?’, whilst at the same time betraying what matters the most to your soul? These are tough questions, but ones that, more than ever, we must face now.


The Saturn Pluto Conjunction
Saturn and Pluto perfect their exact conjunction on **Sunday 12th Jan at 6pm** UK time, and their message for each one of us is stark, severe and uncompromising. It runs something like this: “Face your shadow, accept your own darkness and own your shit; stand up for what is important, stop pretending that ‘everything is fine the way it is’ if it really isn’t; stop projecting your unaddressed fears, frustrations and judgments and onto others; stop avoiding what is right in front of you; recognise your obsession with looking good and being right; become accountable for the way that your attitude and behaviour destroys trust and breaks connection.”

This year is one of reckoning, and the consequences of our actions and behaviours are laid bare before us. It is hard to predict how things will go at a collective level, but the corruption of political power and authority has clearly reached epic proportions and we can be forgiven for feeling powerless in the face of it. Yet there is work that each of us must do in our lives to restore trust and to live from our essential truth. We must each face the challenge in one area of life or another, and the theme of this will be indicated by the house in which the conjunction happens for each of us, and any aspects that the conjunction makes to planets in our natal chart.

2020 is an era defining year, which includes the dark revelations of the triple Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in April, June and November, and the year culminates with the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in December. We might sense hope in this latter alignment, even dare to dream, perhaps, of entering into a new paradigm. First, though, we must deal with what is in front of us in 2020, face our fears, do our shadow work, and acknowledge what is darkly, but undeniably true, even if that doesn’t show us off in our best light!

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