Insights into the Lunar Eclipse on 23rd March

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On 23rd March, we have a full moon lunar eclipse, with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra, following on from the solar eclipse in Pisces on 8th March. Although not visible in the UK, this lunar eclipse carries a potent charge, though it has a very different feel to the preceding solar eclipse. With the Sun now in Aries and in exact conjunction to Mercury there is a impulse to throw caution to the wind and take direct action, while the moon in Libra tempers that rush of enthusiasm with a need to consider others and keep things in balance. It’s quite a stretch, and we are likely to feel a certain inner tension, particularly in the area of relationships. Finding that balance between action and consideration, is the big challenge during a Libra full moon, and the fact that is a lunar eclipse will tend to intensify that. Aries’ ruler, Mars is strongly placed in Sagittarius, trine the Sun, while the Moon’s dispositor Venus is in Pisces in conjunction with Neptune. So the masculine and feminine perspectives seem somewhat polarised! I have posted a video with my insights here:

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