The Initiatory Journey of the Fool

A Journey Through the Major Arcana of the Tarot
Exploring Astrological & Initiatory Themes

With John Wadsworth & Suzanne Corbie

A seven-week online course. Wednesdays (7pm – 8.30pm UK time)
9th Sept – 21st Oct 2020

This is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the symbols, myths and archetypes of the tarot’s major arcana, and develop your astrological understanding. More than that, this course will focus on how to use the tarot as creating the fertile ground for an initiatory journey, something its initial interpretations emphasised, but has been lost in the growth of the tarot reading industry.

There will be worksheets that will offer enquiry rather than detailed explanations of the cards. This course is about finding out your response and how it can help you personally if you integrate the wisdom of the deepest meaning of the symbolic content in the cards.

Course Fee: £175.00

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