Jupiter Enters Sagittarius

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sagittarius_jo_wiseToday Jupiter has moved into Sagittarius, the sign that it rules, and it will spend just over a year here (until 2nd Dec 2019). With Saturn also in Capricorn, we now have Jupiter and Saturn in the signs of their dignity, as we last did in 1959/1960. Those of you born: 11th Feb – 24th April 1959; 6th Oct 1959 – 29th Feb 1960; and 11th June – 26th Oct 1960 will have this in your own natal chart. Saturn has been in Capricorn for almost a year now and has been significantly strengthened by being in its own sign. Jupiter is now strengthened by being in Sagittarius and can therefore meet Saturn on equal terms.

Jupiter amplifies, expands and promotes whatever it touches, so for the past year, whilst in Scorpio, it has been magnifying and elevating the Scorpionic aspects of life and those qualities of the soul. It has been bringing to light the darker, hidden aspects of human nature, advancing the cause of its traditional ruler Mars (confrontation, war, energy, courage, strength of will) and its modern ruler Pluto (underworld, shadow, power, initiation). Jupiter has been compelling us all in our own way to face the unpleasant contents of our own suppressed psychic baggage, forcing us to look deeper into the neglected state of our true nature; to face it, to own it, and with hope, to transform it.

Jupiter, in its essence as an archetype, represents the moral dimension of the soul, creating and promoting the values that we live by, as a society, as families, as individuals. It enlarges our perspective, inspires the philosophical quest for meaning, the aspiration to ascend to the highest heaven and to know the mind of God. Entering Sagittarius now, Jupiter can align faithfully to that mission, lifting us and directing us to look to the heavens, to reach beyond where we have been before, to seek out new possibilities and forge new pathways of understanding. And fiery Sagittarius is not interested in just talking about it, it is philosophy-in-action – the horse power energy of this sign carries an instinctive drive. And that breadth of knowing that Jupiter provides, can be actively channelled through the single-minded focus of an archer whose eye is trained on the goal.

There are dangers here, of course; the blind conviction of Sagittarius can lead to fanatical ideas and the deluded certainty that there is one way to ascertain truth. We must remain ever mindful of becoming too broad in our assumptions, or so elevated in our ideas that we forget our wits and neglect to communicate properly.

Jupiter will help us here too, though, enlightening us to the fundamentalist belief structures that we humans get fixated on, and continually seeking to expand the scope of our imagination. So the return of Jupiter to its home sign is undoubtedly something to welcome and to celebrate. Let us grasp the opportunity to go beyond our often self-imposed limitations; and however things may look in hard Saturnian reality, let us imagine a greater possibility for our lives, for our society, for our planet, and live each moment as if that were so.

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  1. Hi John, I have really felt this energy of becoming strong willed in the clearing of old dark hidden stuff this year, more than ever before, and its been a great gift! And the issue of morality has been intensely investigated, as a cornerstone that we can stand from, and still be referencing from unconditional love, with strong boundaries. I really like the way you have written about this and its helped to get this astrological perspective. I question your reference to ‘hard saturnian reality’ perhaps when we can become true friends with responsibilty, when it becomes so unquestionably integrated as a part of life, when it becomes choiceless, and an act also of love to oneself, then a softening can occur in embodying the energies of this very patient planet. Of course this may be because of other elements of my chart, but its kind of how my soul journey is starting to emerge, after experiencing the hard stuff with saturn most of my life!

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