Learn to Read Your Birth Chart

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This experiential introduction to birth chart interpretation will offer you profound insights into the planets, signs and houses that make up an astrological chart.

The course will furnish you with basic interpretive skills to help you understand of your own birth chart, whilst also offering you a powerful glimpse of the healing and transformational potential of astrology. With an emphasis on myth, metaphor and gesture, John’s embodied, theatrical approach will bring the planets and signs alive for you in a way that is meaningful, easy-to-remember and relevant to your life.

Whether you are completely new to astrology, or have some experience of it already, the course will deepen your knowledge and empower you to read your birth chart in a deeper and more meaningful way. During the three days, John will cover in depth the zodiac, the four elements and the three crosses, and will introduce you to the characters of the planets that rule the signs and the themes of the twelve houses that make up the astrological chart.

The course runs from 10am – 6pm on Friday and Saturday, and 10am – 4.30pm on Sunday.

Course Fees
Full Price: £250
Early Bird Price: £225 (if paid in full by 28th Feb 2020)

Payment Method.
By BACS to:
Kairos Education Ltd
s/c: 40-22-07
a/c: 91407899