Lunar Eclipse: 31st January 2018

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As we approach Imbolc this year, with the first stirrings of the Spring, and the quickening of the light, we have an important lunar eclipse, occurring on Wednesday 31st Jan, with the full moon in Leo. It occurs at 1.31pm, UK time, so not visible in the UK, or in Europe, but nonetheless carrying a powerful astrological energy. It occurs in the second decan of Leo (at 11 degrees), so has a proud, charismatic, air about it. This is a ‘super’ moon, appearing larger than normal, due to it being at its perigree (closest point to the Earth in its orbital cycle).

This Leo moon is exactly conjunct the dwarf planet Ceres, the harvest mother, and this is set in opposition to Venus which is conjunct the Sun in Aquarius. The proud, and fiercely loyal ‘super-mother’ archetype is set against that of the ‘cool Aquarian lover’ who seeks independence and freedom from conventional ties. The Moon and Ceres are focussed on fertility and protection of the young crop. In Leo, loyalty to the family is paramount. Venus, on the other hand seeks pleasure, beauty, balance and artistic expression. And in progressive Aquarius, her love is more freely distributed, more idealistic, she is more committed to society and the wider community than to the nuclear family. These very different priorities can create tensions within us over this lunar eclipse, and can become a theme for the next three months or so. Though seemingly irreconcilable, both need to be honoured, and expressed in some way, as there is a lot of creative energy held within that tension of opposites.

Sun, Moon and Ceres are at 11 degrees, the mean node is at 15 degrees and Venus is at 17 degrees. So while this will be felt to some extent within each of us, the tension will tend to be heightened for those with personal planets, nodes and angles (AC-DC; IC-MC) which fall between between 10-18 degrees of Leo and/or Aquarius (also Scorpio and Taurus, the other fixed signs).

Imbolc brings with it new hope and opportunity for growth and the expansion of consciousness and it is significant that the eclipse should co-incide with this important turning point in the year. While Aquarian Imbolc inspires our idealism and directs our minds toward the future, so this eclipse is reminding us to pay extra attention to that part of us that is most in need of our love. We may have to grieve our losses here, and demonstrate our loyalty to that wounded, inner-child that seeks our protection, nurturance and reassurance.

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