New Moon in Aries – 24th March 2020

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Today’s new moon sees Sun and Moon aligned at 4 degrees Aries, and it comes hot on the heels of the Spring Equinox, as the days lengthen and our spirits are uplifted by the light. It is a time of the year when, under normal circumstances, we are more-than-usually inspired by the exciting opportunities that life can bring. And we might ordinarily expect the new moon in Aries, with its annual burst of springtime energy and vitality, to be a time when we feel enthused, at our most daring, filled with the impulse to boldly leap into new enterprises and endeavours. However, these are not ordinary times, and with the Sun and Moon in exact conjunction to Chiron today, what we are more likely aware of is our fragility, our vulnerability, and our innate woundedness.

The Aries impulse is to act with the force of self-consumed passion and wanting, to take a risk and to hell with the consequences. Yet to do so, right now, without consideration for others, is like shooting ourselves in the foot. We are living in unprecedented times of social upheaval, when we are no longer able to consider ourselves as mere individuals, free to act purely out of self-interest, driving our own lives forward irrespective of the impact on others. That right, to whatever extent it is a right, has been taken from us by this Neptunian virus and it exposes our collective reliance and inter-dependence upon one another like never before.

Aries carries the wide-eyed energy of the new-born, but the passion and burning ambition that this sign is famed for is originally born of suffering. Being suddenly ripped from the oneness of the Mother and having to draw one’s own first breath brings with it a primal scream of trauma. Nature dictates that we push our way head-first into the life, and must rely on the capacity of our own lungs to sustain us. And however much our mothers may nurture and sustain us in our early life, we are inevitably and unavoidably convinced that in order to survive and prosper as aspiring individuals we must engage our will, become strong, vital and virile in our own right, strive to get ahead. We are generally educated to believe that we must compete, aim to come first, propel ourselves to the head of the table.

Today’s Sun-Moon-Chiron alignment connects us back directly to that initial birth trauma, the original wound, the wound of separation. It reminds us of that acute vulnerability we were exposed to in the first moments of our life. That moment when we claimed our right to be in the world was the first initiation, that moment when we had to draw down that fiery life force of spirit to propel us into life, severing us from the warm, all-embracing cocoon that connected us to everything. There is a deep, and generally unacknowledged grief here that we all share, and it is painful to confront so primal a wound, which is perhaps why we spend so much of our lives avoiding it and pretending to be separate from one another. There is tremendous healing power in the recognition of our woundedness, and to locate it right there in the primacy of our being, is a key to self-compassion, that can be of immense value right now.

Aries’ ruler Mars is involved in an intense conjunction today with Pluto, the planet of underworld power, and deep soul-transforming truth, and illuminating, growth-insisting Jupiter. They are all in Capricorn, the sign of reckoning and accountability. This stellium of planets is making a potent square to Eris, the dwarf planet on the edge of our solar system. She is the sister of Mars, and she has arrived uninvited to the party with her golden apple of discord, which is really a dark mirror into which we are being forced to look. It is not a pretty sight, for she does not sugarcoat the truth. Instead she starkly reveals all the ways in which the essential dark aspect of the Feminine has been banished from our consciousness.

We are necessarily self-isolating now and distancing ourselves socially from others right now, and that is an opportunity for some deep introspection and self-enquiry into the nature of what it is to be human; and what it is to be possessed of a soul that needs time and space, and imagination to renew and regenerate itself. And our current addiction to social media, and the constant stream of news reporting is not going to get us there.

Aries is where we begin again, turn over a new leaf, engage with what is in front of us with new eyes. And this new moon presents us with such an opportunity. We must look afresh at who we are, what our lives mean, who we can be in the face of a situation that that is dramatically changing the way we live. And as daunting a prospect as this might seem, it can also be the making of us, if we have the courage to face ourselves head on.

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