New Moon in Aries – “This is Who I Am!”

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This Thursday 7th April we have a new moon in Aries, as the Sun and Moon conjoin in the first sign of the zodiac, where the fiery spark of intention ignites. And they are lined up with Uranus, the radical, who is uncompromising in his demand for authenticity and will call for revolution wherever he finds it lacking. It’s a time to be courageous, to step forward from a place of personal truth and integrity, and stake your claim: “This is who I am, like it or not!”. Pluto is involved as well, making a challenging square aspect, bringing up potential power struggles, borne of old hurts, so there’s also likely to be some shadow energy lurking beneath that bold warrior cry.


  1. Thank you John for your openness and clarity. It is nice to have you back !

  2. Well done John. Inspiring and moving. Good to see x

  3. Loved the new moon video!

  4. Hi John
    I am so glad you are back with your Astrology videos – I missed them, and I missed your passion and authenticity for this subject and the generosity of spirit with which you share your knowledge and wisdom. I always feel energised after your videos and deeply appreciate the heart and soul you put into your Astrology.
    Much love and blessings
    Nigel xx

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