New Moon in Capricorn

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We are approaching the Capricorn new moon this evening. In addition to Sun and Moon, four other planets also line up in Capricorn. Yes, the integrity police are in town and there’s no getting away from it! The Sun and Moon are conjunct Venus, which brings a desire for balance and harmony, and with Pluto nearby that balance must also strike a deep note in the soul. Mercury and Saturn are conjunct in the earlier degrees of Capricorn too, which brings a focus of mind and a seriousness of attention to the matter in hand.

Ever since Saturn entered Capricorn at the Solstice, the energy in this sign has been building and this new moon really encapsulates it. It emphasises the need to become grounded in our purpose and commitment, and embodied in our intentions and actions. With this line-up in Capricorn, we are being confronted with the consequences of long-term patterns and ways of being that are now felt physically and in our dealings with the mundane world. It’s not surprising then if you feel like the universe is seeming to hold you to account for your past actions and behaviours. It’s like we are being prepared to to step up in some way. This confronts us with our karma, but at the same time can give us the mettle to become more aligned in ourselves so that we can meet the challenges of life with a more definite sense of alignment.

The area of life that his plays out in will depend on which house this new moon is transiting in your own individual horoscope, and that is where the impact of this will be felt most. For example, if it’s in the 2nd house, that’s the area of money and self-worth; 6th house – physical body, daily lifestyle maintenance etc, 7th house – relationships/agreements, 10th house – vocation/path/career. The general theme is that we are being asked to take more responsibility, become more aligned in ourselves, take a stand for what we believe in, or stand behind what we know we are here to do – and to do that with conviction. The new moon is a time for setting clear intentions and being in Capricorn this a good time to be focussing on longer term goals, and taking a definite step toward realising them. 💖

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