New Moon in Gemini Insights

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The Sun and Moon align today, 22nd May at 18.38pm in Gemini, the mutable air sign which reveals an image of two chattering twins, one mortal and one divine, absorbed in a an unceasing dialogue between the worlds. This Mercury-ruled sign opens up the domain of language, culture and perception. From the Geminian perspective the world is made of words and our perception of reality (and thus our beliefs), are both conditioned and created by the forms of language and culture within which we live. So it is worth contemplating the creative power of words, not merely in their capacity to describe the world the way it is (or the way we perceive it to be), but in terms of the conjuring power that language has to manifest into being the very essence of what they come to describe.

Everything seems so confusing in the world right now. What on earth are we supposed to believe? We might naturally distrust politicians, but then what about the scientists and medics? Do we trust them more, or do we suspect that the ones in more authoritative position might be mere voicepieces for the pharmaceutical industry? And what about journalists? The media outlets seem so partial and partisan. And what about the tech billionaires, so evidently invested with global health? And not being medically trained ourselves, how do we judge who is right? Perhaps we question the ultimate validity of western, allopathic medicine and, if so, where does that put us? And how are we supposed to in response to what we believe to be true? You may think you know what’s going on, but then you encounter some devastating new revelation that shakes your belief, but then you realise it has been debunked. But debunked by who, and what is their agenda? And the end of all that, maybe some of us decide its easier and less of a brain-fuck just to accept the more mainstream view.

Could it be that the covid pandemic has amplified our existing core perception of reality and reinforced, now with even more evidence, the perspective bias we already held before. Things that we cannot see, things that travel through invisibly through the air like this virus (and like Mercury himself!) tend to make us unsure, anxious, afraid or suspicious. They de-stabilise our reliance upon sense perception, and we are more likely to attach ourselves to beliefs that promise to make what is happening explainable or understandable. To stay in a position of ‘not-knowing’ is especially uncomfortable at a time like this. The poet John Keats once described the capacity of ‘negative capaibility’ as the ability to be with our uncertainties and doubts ‘without irritible reaching after fact and reason’.

The medicine of Gemini reminds us that in a very important way, the truth is not ‘out there’, but in here; that it can only ever be partial, and partisan. When we hear or read something, our ability to interpret it is inevitably filtered through pre-figured patterns of thought and belief, which will inevitably prejudice our understanding, make the new information conform to the pre-figured pattern and serve as evidence for it. However open-minded we believe ourselves to be, such partiality is inevitable.

Mercury carries a current, an electrical charge that awakens and excites our minds to ideas and concepts that promise to make sense of our experience. But he is a trickster out to persuade and convince us that this or that idea is right or true. Yet the minute we settle on the truth of an idea, the sprite-like God has moved on to something new, and like the devil’s advocate, he will then trade against it. Unless we are quick and agile, we are left debating the rights and wrongs of situations that have lost the currency of their overlighting deity. How pertinent this is in our post-truth era, when no-one really knows what to believe or who to trust. The prevelance of people in politics and in the media born under Gemini seems telling. Both the US and UK currently have Gemini leaders, and whatever you may think of them, they both demonstrate that wily, ‘artful dodger’ ability to trade both sides against the middle in order to stay one step ahead of the curve.

This new moon carries the seed energy of our intentions articulated in language, so we should be especially mindful of the thought seeds we are scattering to the winds at this time. If they find fertile ground and are robust enough to germinate, then they may take root and come to define our experience of reality. As the medicine of perception, Gemini reminds us that it is not the circumstances of our lives that define our experience of the world, but rather our perspective upon it and the stories we tell about it. Perhaps we can seize this moment to look at life in a different way, open to a more diverse range of perspectives, find a different or a better story to tell, notice where we might get trapped in a particular prejudice or perspective. We can use our words creatively and imaginatively to inspire new possibilities and perspectives.

Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, blesses us with the art of rhetoric, and just as a politician will use it to influence our opinions, so will the poet employ the art to illuminate an unseen dimension of reality, and a mythologist to re-awaken the sleeping parts of the psyche. And into that contemplation of different perspectives, let us not forget ‘the eyes in the forest’ (David Abram), the more-than-human intelligences of plants, trees and animals, even those of planets and stars. For while these other modes of seeing and knowing may lie beyond ordinary human comprehension and psychological understanding, they hold essential teachings for us that can be known and articulated through us, if we can become attuned to them. For this, we must surrender our preoccupation with our oh so fallible human cleverness, practice listening to mother nature at deeper level, connect to the heartbeat of life.

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