New Moon in Libra – Sept 28th 2019

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We have a new moon in Libra today (7.26pm UK time), conjoining with Mercury and Venus also, being in her dignity in Libra. Ideally this is a time, not for action, but for consideration and contemplation. It is an opportune moment to ponder different options, possibilities and points of view. It is an invitation to weigh the potential benefits and pitfalls of a particular attitude, behaviour or course of action in the balancing scales of the contemplative mind. And the art to which we are best employed at at a time like this is that of suspending judgment as to the ultimate value or merit of whatever is being considered.

We are not very good at this in our culture, we are quick to act and react, quick to assert, judge and condemn. Being a new moon, today is a seed moment in the month, an opportunity to plant a seed of intention to simply “be with” the inevitable polarities, dilemmas and oppositions that we are faced with. Can we be comfortable with duality, or must we allow our urgency for decision to unbalance us and force our hand. There is a time for decisiveness and direct action, of course, and we must mindful of the difference between the necessary art of consideration and the tendency to vacillate, to avoid taking up a position out of the fear of consequence. But if we are to be guided by the rhythm of the season, then today and over the coming few days, let us heed the wisdom of the philosopher who takes the time to dwell on the inherent contradictions of existence, the poet whose very domain is that of ambiguity, and the witness who role is simply to listen and observe. Blessings of this new moon to one and all.

new moon in Libra

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