New Moon in Virgo 30th Aug 2019

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New Moon in Virgo today. (11.37am UK time).

“I discern what is essential to my well-being, and it becomes my practice”. This is the Virgo mantra that I propose in my book, ‘Your Zodiac Soul’, and with all five of the so-called personal planets in Virgo today, we should really heed the call of this sign’s medicine for the month ahead. Virgo connects us to the deep feminine wisdom of the body and our relationship to the earth’s natural cycles, reminding us to pay attention to our body’s innate intelligence and be guided by more subtle cues and changes in the body, rather than just what is happening in our mental field. If we cannot see clearly the bigger picture right now, then better to focus on the next step, and stay with what is happening in our immediate field of awareness.

Sexual energy is very strong with Mars being in such close conjunction to the Sun and Moon, and again it is the mindfulness of how our sexual energy is moving within us moment to moment that is important. At the same time, with Venus being more particular than usual about what pleases her, and Mercury being especially acute in his critical faculty, there is a lot of control being imposed on the way that our energy is being expressed. Virgo seeks rhythm and ritual order, purification and mindful attention to the details of everyday life, so that we can better serve the whole. This is a time to purify the body, through diet or some form of cleansing purge, become more dedicated in a ritual practice, or undertake a Taoist or tantric practice to train the sexual energy. Uranus is in an exact trine aspect to the Sun-Moon conjunction, so there can be a radical breakthrough here in our self-expression if the Virgo energy can be integrated.

A new moon is a planting time, and the seeds that are sown today will grow in us over the next fourteen days to the full moon, and then what is realised at the full moon can be fruitfully disseminated in the waning phase of the moon’s cycle. New moon blessings to all!


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