New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo – 21st August 2017

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We are in the middle of a very powerful eclipse season. Last Monday we had the lunar eclipse, with the full moon in Aquarius and we are now just past the waning third quarter moon phase, and are anticipating next Monday’s powerful solar eclipse with the New Moon in Leo (21st August at 18.26 GMT; 19.26 British time).

This upcoming solar eclipse carries a potent energy which, being in Leo, has the potential to revitalise and radiate the life force within us, revealing the best of who we are as conscious individuals shining our light in the world. However eclipses tend to allow in the shadow energy of the sign in which they occur. A Leo New Moon is full of heart-felt passion and intent, but we should remain mindfully aware of how we conduct ourselves during this time. Leo in its shadow manifestation is the overblown ego that dominates through charismatic forms of leadership that centre around the ego’s need for recognition and personal power. We need to draw on our courage and humility at such a time. The eclipse makes a trine to Uranus in Aries which suggests that this eclipse will be a herald of radical and dynamic change. This could come through the lifting of certain restrictions and greater freedom to implement projects and plans. The energy of the eclipse is focussed on action, and Mars is in Leo (in a separating conjunction with Sun and Moon) trine Saturn in Sagittarius which suggests actions which are passionately executed, and which endure.

The Great American Eclipse
The Solar Eclipse is being called the Great American Eclipse, because its path of totality will cover the whole breadth of the US, from Oregon to South Carolina. It occurs in the 29th degree of Leo, with the Sun and Moon conjunct in that degree. That means it is conjunct the fixed star Regulus (Leo’s alpha star), one of the four royal stars that make up the fixed star cross, and the one associated with the King or ruler. We are inevitably alerted by the fact that 29 degrees of Leo is Donald Trump’s ascendant, and he has his trigger-happy Mars close to his ascendant also in the late degrees of Leo. This solar eclipse is conjunct Mars, which is also in late Leo. The astrology is fiery and volatile and directly affects those in positions of power. One would expect it to have a significant, even devastating impact on Trump’s presidency, and to the American psyche at large. The fallout from this eclipse may or may not be felt immediately, more likely its impact will reverberate during the months and years to come. The next total solar eclipse over the US will not occur until 2024. Below is a map showing the path of Monday’s eclipse:


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