The Astrology of Our Times: Online Seminar Series

The Astrology of Our Times
Online Seminar Series with John Wadsworth
What’s going on with the planets right now?
And how on earth should we respond to it?

We are living in extraordinary times, which few of us could have predicted just a few months ago. Yet the remarkable planetary alignments of 2020 have long been preoccupying the forecasting minds of astrologers, and much has been said and written to the effect that the astrology of this year points to a dramatic watershed in the history of humanity. We are now living that reality.

In this series of online seminars, I look at exactly what is going on with the planets right now, and how we can best respond to the energy in our own lives.

Each week I introduce a different aspect of the astrology of our times, looking at the different planets involved and what this means for us collectively. Then, working with charts of participants, I will give examples of how the different planetary archetypes make their presence felt in an individual’s life, and how that person might best respond to its energy.

Fri 3rd April: Week One: Jupiter: What’s the big picture here?
This first seminar co-incides with the first of three powerful conjunctions that occur this year between Jupiter and Pluto. John will discuss the implications of these alignments; for society as a whole, for the spread of the coronavirus, and for the profound illumination that this situation promises. The seminar will be especially focussed on the archetypal qualities of Jupiter as a planet of expansion, inflation and amplification; a light bringer and optimist who inspires joy, insists upon growth and sheds light on the bigger picture. There will be an opportunity for participants to share their birth details so that we can consider different positions of both natal and transiting Jupiter in people’s charts, and what this says about what is growing, expanding and being illuminated in your own life.

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Fri 10th April Week Two: Saturn: Who is responsible and who bears the burden?
From an astrological perspective, what we are experiencing in the world right now are repercussions of the earth shattering conjunction of Saturn and Pluto that occurred in January. This conjunction in Capricorn singles 2020 out as a year of accountability and reckoning, a year when the shadow of power and control makes itself manifest, and the free will of the individual is forced to yield to a deeper collective need for re-balancing. Saturn has recently entered the sign of Aquarius, where it will remain until the beginning of July, when it retrogrades back into Capricorn.

In this seminar we will focus on Saturn’s shifting allegiance between Capricorn and Aquarius, both signs that it rules, and we will explore this planet’s archetypal functions around time and order, control and authority, karma and responsibility, boundaries and structure. There will be an opportunity for participants to share their birth details so that we can consider different positions of both natal and transiting Saturn in people’s charts, and what this says about the the type of responsibilities that your soul has chosen to take on in this lifetime.

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Fri 17th April: Week Three: Uranus: Are you ready for the revolution?
Uranus is the revolutionary planet of change and upheaval that shakes us out of our complacency and its current passage through the sign of Taurus (2019 – 2026) is radically shaking up our economy, our values in relation to money and the whole idea of personal ownership. In this seminar we will explore the archetypal function of Uranus as innovator and awakener, the misfit who is always out of step with the cultural norm, the independent thinker who breaks with tradition, the one who radically affects the societal order. There will be an opportunity for participants to share their birth details so that we can consider different positions of both natal and transiting Uranus in people’s charts, and what this says about the the type of revolutionary impulse that is seeking to impress ourselves upon our lives.

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Fri 24th April: Week Four: Neptune: What is your soul longing for?

In this seminar we will explore the archetypal energy of Neptune, the dissolver of Saturnian time, order and structure, the one who enchants our imagination, enriches our dream life and undermines the egoic will. When we are under the influence of Neptune, we may experience confusion and a loss of orientation, yet the sublime invitation of this archetype is to surrender to the unfathomable mystery of existence.

Neptune is in the middle of its fourteen year sojourn in Pisces, the sign that it rules. This is the most obvious signature for the current coronavirus pandemic; the way that the virus spreads invisibly from person to person in a way that cannot be witnessed or easily controlled is an uncanny manifestation of Neptune in Pisces. It would also seem to account for the bewildering confusion that has been characteristic of the last seven years; not knowing who or what to believe, the widespread broadcasting of fake news, the lack of orientation and strong leadership.

So how do we get our bearings and plan ahead in such uncertain times, how do we navigate through such murky waters with their unpredictable undercurrents. What is Neptune here to teach us. Are we able to release control and trust the unknown, and what are we to put our faith in? There is the opportunity for participants to share their birth details so that we can consider different positions of both natal and transiting Neptune in participants’ charts.

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Fri 1st May: Week Five: Pluto: Can you face your own darkness?

In this seminar, the fifth in the series, we will be descending in the shadowy realm of Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, who demands that we engage the darker aspects of our nature,  that we face our own shadow nature in order to know the truth of our own soul.

Pluto’s planetary status may have been downgraded by astronomers, but its significance as an astrological archetype remains as powerful as ever; the one who preys on our fears, our secret cravings and our desire for power.  Pluto resonates with the innermost core of the psyche, and all that lies hidden there. Being under the grip of this energy can lead us to destruction and sabotage, but it where we also engage the deep compulsions of the soul for truth, healing and transformation

I will be looking at the implications of Pluto’s current transit through Capricorn, and its powerful conjunctions with both Saturn and Jupiter this year; these being the key signatures for the extraordinary times we are living through right now; the effects of the pandemic, the lockdown and the collapse of the political, social and economic structures of our world.

I will also be presenting Pluto through the houses, and through the aspects made to other planets, and participants will be able to apply these interpretations to their own natal charts and make sense of Pluto transits to their own chart. The position of Pluto in an individual’s chart indicates the nature of the repressed shadow material that a person carries, and it is only when we face this and re-claim the fearful projections we have cast onto others and onto the world, that the healing of the soul’s deepest wounds can occur.

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Fri 15th May: Week Six: Chiron: Can you accept your own woundedness?

In this seminar, the final one in the series, we will be looking at the role of the minor planet Chiron, one of the class of tiny planetary bodies known as centaurs. In myth, Chiron is the wise king of the centaurs, and mentor to the great heroes. He is fatally wounded by one of his students, Hercules, but cannot die because he is immortal, so suffers in incredible pain, and in his search for a cure for his wound, becomes the greatest of healers.  Where this wounded healer archetype shows up in our chart points to our vulnerability, where our woundedness tends to predominate; it is a place where we tend to feel pain, and where we would seem weakened in our vitality.  Yet it also holds the key to our healing path, for it is often through the acceptance of our vulnerability that the process of healing can occur.

Chiron is currently transiting through Aries, which corresponds with the initiation of energy, the acitvation of courage, our capacity to begin; it suggests wounds of identity and personal vitality.  Collectively we are all having to look into the wounds of self, look deeply at ourselves, sense our broken-ness, and in order to heal, we need to remain open in the face of that and bear our own shame.

So Chiron is both mentor and shamanic, and in this seminar I will be sharing my insights into the medicine of Chiron and how it opens up a vital healing dimension of astrology that is deeply needed in these troubled times. As in previous classes, I will be going through the placements of Chiron by sign, house, aspect and transit.

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