Insights into This Week’s Planetary Turnarounds

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Saturn & Jupiter Retrograde
The theme of this week astrologically is retrograde motion, with Saturn (on Monday), Venus (yesterday) and Jupiter (tomorrow) all entering periods in their cycle where their apparent motion along the ecliptic / zodiac path is reversed. During retrograde periods a planet is going back over old ground, and so the archetype is more reflective and introspective in its expression. Right now all three planets are ‘stationed’, Saturn at 1˚ Aquarius, Jupiter at 27˚ Capricorn and Venus at 21˚ Gemini. Over the next five months, Saturn will return to Capricorn, where it will station at 25˚ Capricorn for the months of September and October as it turns direct again. This suggests an important review and reconsideration of the measures, structures and projects that have been put in place during recent months, and there is often hesitancy around what to do, as Saturn turns back. It is interesting and slightly ominous to reflect on the fact that several European countries chose Monday as the day to relax lockdown measures, and the message – in the UK at least – was somewhat less than convincing!

From tomorrow, Jupiter will begin its own return to 17˚ Capricorn, where it will station for the month of September while it also turns direct. During Jupiter’s retrograde phase, we may find that certain of our aspirations and goals go through a process of adjustment or change; the things we thought we were essential to our growth and improvement may need re-assessing. The question may be “What really has meaning for me?”

Venus Retrograde
Venus has just begun a forty day period of retrograde motion. She spends lees time retrograde than any other planet (40 days out of every 584 days) and she offers us profound insights into the nature of love, beauty and relationship during this time. The Venus retrograde phase can tend make us more reflective and questioning of ourselves and how wwe relate to others. While it may seem to complicate matters of love and pleasure, it also prompts us to take a deeper look at who and what we love, and consider how we may have betrayed love in the past. We may gain insight into aspects of eros we have previously been blind to, or feel a strong urge to address issues we have been avoiding with a lover. With Venus retrograde in Gemini, we may feel it necessary to write to a former partner, re-enter a dialogue, make peace, or untangle a web of words or language patterns in which we may have become enmeshed. Or maybe a former lover with get in touch with us. In re-considering the consequences or implications of our connections with the people in our lives, we may even be able to transform our our idea of what love means to us, or re-evaluate our ideas around what we like, what gives us pleasure.

Half-way through for retograde period (on 3rd June) Venus will make her ‘intimate’ conjunction with the Sun, which is when from an astronomical perspective, she ‘kisses the earth’, at the moment her closest approach to the earth. This kiss is one of five such climactic moments in her eight-year cycle during which she draws out a perfect five-petalled flower pattern in her ‘dance’ for the earth, marking out a double pentagram in her cycle of conjunctions with the Sun. Click here to read an article I’ve written about this…



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