Signs of Love: A Four Week Course


A Four Week Course on The Astrology of Love, Sex & Relationships
With John Wadsworth

Fridays: 4th – 25th September. 6pm – 8pm UK time.

Price: £120

Astrology is a study of relationships, and through the archetypal signatures of the planets, we can gain great insights into the game of love.  We can trace our longing for authentic connection in the birth chart, identify the nature of our passion and desire, what pleases us, what attracts us to another, our need for intimacy, our issues around trust, our demand for freedom, our capacity to create and sustain meaningful partnerships.

In this course we will explore the signatures in the birth chart that indicate a person’s needs and desires in connection with others, different ways of loving, the nature of an individual’s sexual energy, and how that seeks to be met. We will look at how the chart can point to the qualities and temperament of the people we are likely to be attracted to and the attributes that others find attractive in us. And we also will explore the indicators of particular difficulties and challenges, sexual tensions, trust issues, power dynamics, and the contrasting wants and needs that we experience in our love affairs and relationships.

How The Course is Structured
The course will be an opportunity for you to identify how your own particular patterns of relating are expressed in the planetary signatures of your birth chart. And you will discover the astrological keys that can help you transform the areas where you feel ‘stuck’ or frustrated in your love life, or in your relationships generally.  You will be encouraged to set an intention at the beginning of the course, and to formulate a question that best expresses the area(s) that you wish to have a breakthrough with.

Questions could be along the lines of…

  • how can I remain sovereign in my own being, whilst also remaining open to love and connection?
  • how can I give freely and openly of my love, without feeling like the other person is taking from me?
  • how can I better understand, and overcome the feeling that I am too much, or not enough?
  • how can I better understand, and deal with, my fear of rejection or abandonment?
  • how can I better understand and liberate those aspects of my sexuality that I have denied or repressed?
The Astrological Content

The course will be focussed especially around themes of trust, intimacy, sexual connection, communication and authenticity in relating. Astrologically we will pay attention to the position of the Sun, Moon, and personal planets Mercury, Venus & Mars.  We will look at the inter-relationships between these planets in the birth chart, and, especially, how they are aspected by the outer planets, and how this pre-figures the complexity of our needs and desires.  We will also explore how such aspects reflect particular issues around trust and intimacy, and how they point to instances of trauma, abuse, control, neglect, manipulation, and mis-appropriation of power, all of which may have affected our capacity to offer ourselves fully to love.


While we will be working at depth with the planetary archetypes and their associated mythological themes, however it will not be too technically challenging. While I will be making reference to planets, signs, houses and aspects, support materials with keywords for interpretation will be sent through in advance of each lesson. Participants should have a basic understanding of the elements of a birth chart, but the course is intended to be accessible for all levels of astrological knowledge.


The Online Sessions
The content will be delivered in four online sessions of 2 hours in duration.  I am limiting the numbers of participants, so that I can delineate key astrological themes in participants’ individual charts, so you will have something specific to work with on your own chart in each session.  There will be breakout sessions where you will get to discuss your own chart with other participants.  There will also be an online forum and an opportunity to connect in small ‘buddy groups’ in between sessions. All sessions are recorded and you will be able to watch them at a time that suits you if you cannot attend live.  The course includes handouts and worksheets for each lesson.

Price: £120

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