The Healing Songs of Your Zodiac Soul

Jacket_Cover_FRONTA New Three-Part Course with Tareth & John Wadsworth in Glastonbury

In this innovative new workshop series, I am teaming up once again with Tareth, this time to create a unique healing experience of the zodiac journey. Working with the twelve gateway principles described in my book, Your Zodiac Soul, we will journey into the deep medicine of each astrological sign, over three weekends. We will work with the turning wheel of your zodiac soul, so that you can experience the wholeness that you are. The process will help you identify where your own personal wheel is getting stuck and enable you to clear energy blocks that may be preventing you expressing your true potential in each of the twelve essential aspects of your being. Tareth will bring to this experience his extraordinary healing gift of sound, making the songs of the zodiac audible to us, and allowing us to bathe in their healing vibrations.

The course unfolds over three weekends, following an alchemical cycle of the elements: fire, earth, air and water, over each weekend.

The Healing Songs of Your Zodiac Soul with Tareth & John Wadsworth
Workshop 1: Sat 3rd / Sun 4th Nov 2018 (Aries, Taurus, Gemini & Cancer)
Workshop 2: Sat 12th / Sun 13th Jan 2018 (Leo, Virgo, Libra & Scorpio)
Workshop 3: Sat 9th / Sun 10th March 2018 (Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces)

Price: £595.00 for the whole course.
Early Bird: £525 if booked and paid in full by 30th Sept 2018.

Deposit of £150 (non-refundable) secures a place.

Payable to:
Kairos Education Ltd
s/c: 40-22-07
a/c: 91407899

About Tareth
tareth2Tareth is one of the leading teachers, healers and mystics of the present time. At the age of six his heart stopped and he had a near death experience, after which he displayed ‘miraculous’ healing abilities and knowledge beyond his years. This was the beginning, in this lifetime, as a messenger from the Source. His work has been featured in newspapers, radio, and television, including the BBC series Everyman. He is among the few healers who have been successfully tested by scientists. In 1987 he was able to heal poisoned seeds obtaining a 70% success rate.

Tareth is a true source incarnation, teaching the unity and harmony of the new era that you will help to create. He brings the sign of all true source teachers the ability to manifest matter from spirit to show you that you are not alone. He teaches that you are the way and that your freedom to be your real self is the key to transformation, that it is the time for old doctrines to give way to love and union of the spirit of the creation.