The Twelve Houses

The Twelve Houses

In this three-day workshop, you will get the chance to really empower your astrology, as we dive deep into the horoscope and get really specific in our interpretations through understanding the twelve houses of the chart, and how to work with them.

As with all my work, the learning will be experiential, embodied, creative and playful, with lots of movement, music and interactive activities. This really helps with remembering the material as it embeds the learning in the body. And you will be working primarily with your own birth chart throughout the workshop, so there is the opportunity to really learn about yourself and the dynamics of your own astrological signatures.

The twelve houses are derived from the moment that we draw up a chart for a particular time, and they express twelve divisions of the sky, six above the horizon and six below, for any given moment in time. Within that twelve-fold division, there are four prime directions or angles, which we call the ascendant (AC), mid-heaven (MC), descendant (DC) and nadir (IC), which mark the cusp of the so-called angular houses (1,4,7,10). We will begin the workshop with an exploration of these four angles and how to work with them, before we open up into the meanings of the twelve houses, as representing twelve definitive areas of experience through which we experience life – as distinct from the twelve innate qualities of temperament and motivation that we associate with the twelve zodiac signs.

As well as getting to grips with the meanings of the houses, and the areas of life that they each cover, we will also deal house rulership (derived from the sign on the cusp of each house), and the investment that a planet has in the house that it rules, not simply the house that it occupies. We will also look at the significance of angularity in a chart, and explore the qualitative difference between the angular, succedent and cadent houses. And we will also deal with the special case of intercepted planets (planets in signs that have no house cusp) and how to work with them.

The course is suitable for beginners (ideally with some understanding of signs and planet meanings) and more experienced students of astrology.

Course Fees:
Full Price: £250
Early Bird: £225

A deposit of £75 secures a place.

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