Uranus: Are you ready for the revolution?

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The Astrology of Our Times
Online Seminar Series with John Wadsworth
What’s going on with the planets right now?
And how on earth should we respond to it?

We are living in extraordinary times, which few of us could have predicted just a few months ago. Yet the remarkable planetary alignments of 2020 have long been preoccupying the forecasting minds of astrologers, and much has been said and written to the effect that the astrology of this year points to a dramatic watershed in the history of humanity. We are now living that reality.

In this series of online seminars, I look at exactly what is going on with the planets right now, and how we can best respond to the energy in our own lives.

Each week I introduce a different aspect of the astrology of our times, looking at the different planets involved and what this means for us collectively. Then, working with charts of participants, I will give examples of how the different planetary archetypes make their presence felt in an individual’s life, and how that person might best respond to its energy.

Next Up…
Fri 17th April: Week Three: Uranus: Are you ready for the revolution?
Uranus is the revolutionary planet of change and upheaval that shakes us out of our complacency and its current passage through the sign of Taurus (2019 – 2026) is radically shaking up our economy, our values in relation to money and the whole idea of personal ownership. In this seminar we will explore the archetypal function of Uranus as innovator and awakener, the misfit who is always out of step with the cultural norm, the independent thinker who breaks with tradition, the one who radically affects the societal order. There will be an opportunity for participants to share their birth details so that we can consider different positions of both natal and transiting Uranus in people’s charts, and what this says about the the type of revolutionary impulse that is seeking to impress ourselves upon our lives. Click here to book…

Fri 24th April: Week Four: Neptune: What if this is all an illusion?

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Fri 1st May: Week Five: Pluto: Can you face your own darkness?

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Fri 8th May: Week Six: Chiron: Can you accept your own woundedness?

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