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Kairos School of Astrology: Courses for 2020-21


Astrology in Practice_FINAL

A profound year-long experiential learning adventure that will transform your approach to astrology.

With workshops in Glastonbury, supported by online classes and mentoring.
The broad aim of this innovative astrological mentoring programme is to shift our perception of planets from being physical prsences ‘in the sky’ or abstract symbols ‘in the chart’ and engage with them instead as living metaphors, presences and energies that are rooted in our language, in our body and in the world we inhabit.

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Zodiac Mysteries-4_FINAL

In this unique and pioneering online course, you will experience the twelve signs of the Zodiac Wheel as you never have before, as twelve vital stages of initiation in the process of becoming fully realised in your potential as a human being.

Expanding upon the teachings in John’s book, Your Zodiac Soul, the Zodiac Mysteries programme works through a process of deep, astrologically-inspired self-inquiry that will give you tools to make real change in your everyday life. It will help you realise who you are and get clear about what is important to you. It will help you clarify your purpose and vocational direction, shift your attitudes around health and money, and improve the quality of your relationships.

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Birth Chart Interpretation Course Banner

This experiential introduction to birth chart interpretation will offer you profound insights into the planets, signs and houses that make up an astrological chart.

The course will furnish you with basic interpretive skills to help you understand your own birth chart, whilst also offering you a powerful glimpse of the healing and transformational potential of astrology. With an emphasis on myth, metaphor and gesture, John’s embodied, theatrical approach will bring the planets and signs alive for you in a way that is meaningful, easy-to-remember and relevant to your life.

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The Twelve Houses

In this three-day workshop, you will get the chance to really empower your astrology, as we dive deep into the horoscope and get really specific in our interpretations through understanding the twelve houses of the chart, and how to work with them.

As with all my work, the learning will be experiential, embodied, creative and playful, with lots of movement, music and interactive activities. This really helps with remembering the material as it embeds the learning in the body. And you will be working primarily with your own birth chart throughout the workshop, so there is the opportunity to really learn about yourself and the dynamics of your own astrological signatures.

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Experience your own astrological chart come to life through a combination of dynamic birth chart enactments and astro-shamanic journeying.

We will work deeply with the multi-dimensional nature of the astrological archetypes through sacred theatre, music, dance and ritual. The astrodrama sessions are ‘performed’ collectively as live improvised astro-theatre pieces, held within a sacred ritual space.

Astrodrama is an exciting way to learn astrology in an experiential way and to allow the potential of your birth chart to be creatively expressed within the group dynamic. It operates in a similar way to family constellations or psychodrama, but instead of playing family members, you play the archetypal figures of the planets. Each participant has one full session dedicated to their own birth chart, and each session unfolds a uniquely personalised healing journey inspired by that person’s intention, with each planet character being dramatically embodied by the other members of the group.

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