Courses & Workshops

Kairos School of Astrology Courses for 2014-15

Held at The Roundhouse, St Anne’s, Chilkwell St, Glastonbury BA6 8DE


Year-Long Courses


First Year Astrology Course
My first year astrology training, designed for beginners and refreshers, will run for the fourth consecutive year in Glastonbury, starting on 4th October 2014. It will take place over seven weekends in Glastonbury, one workshop every two months. The course is facilitated by myself and Alison Coals, who has been ably assisting me with the workshops since 2011. The course also includes twelve 90-minute conference calls (one per month) and full ongoing mentoring and email support from myself and Alison throughout the year.
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Second Year Astrology Course
The second year course incorporates seven masterclasses, in which we address the major questions and issues that clients typically seek professional advice on. In the workshops we will explore how to approach these issues in an astrological consultation. These workshops can be taken as whole course, which includes twelve conference calls and ongoing email support. This course is designed for those who have completed the first year course, but is also open to students who already have have a working knowledge of astrology and are able to do at least a basic interpretation of a birth chart. This course begins on 11th October 2014.
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The Alchemical Journey
The Alchemical Journey is a unique, initiatory adventure in personal transformation, following the wheel of the astrological year through the twelve signs of the zodiac. Over a series of twelve weekend workshops in Glastonbury, the course will help you unlock your true creative potential and guide you on a profoundly soulful journey of self-realisation and empowerment. This course begins on 22nd March 2014.
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Weekend & Day Courses


The Healing Songs of the Planets – Tareth & John Wadsworth
In this extraordinary series of workshops, Tareth & John will lead us on a journey of attunement to the songs of the planets. Following on from the workshop at St Anne’s in August 2013, where Tareth brought through the songs of Venus and the Moon, we will be continuing with a series of four more days in 2014, starting with Uranus & Pluto on Sat 19th April. John will present the astrological significance and enable participants to get a deep understanding of each of the planetary archetypes. Then Tareth will tune into the spirit being of the planet and bring through the incredible sounds of the planets through his meditations, literally manifesting these planetary songs in the room for all to hear. It seems miraculous and is truly a wonder to be behold – it is a powerfully healing, often life-changing experience for those present.
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Discover the Tarot – Suzanne Corbie
This is a complete course in Tarot and will get your started reading the cards, or deepen your existing knowledge. Suzanne is a highly experienced tarot reader and teacher, and she will share her thorough understanding of the cards and offer a strong structure for interpretation through practical interactive exercises and sacred theatre.
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The Zodiac in Love – with John Wadsworth & Andreea Bradu
In this experiential workshop, we will dive deep into the intimate mysteries of the Zodiac, and engage dynamically with the polarities inherent in the astrological wheel. Working with your own birthchart, we will guide you on a playful journey of reconnection to your natural planetary dance, and assist you in understanding and transforming the way you love and relate in your intimate encounters with others.
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