Astrology and the Passage of Time

Astrology and The Passage of Time

A Workshop with John Wadsworth
Exploring the Transiting Cycles of the Planets

Fri 1st – Sun 3rd September 2017

At The Isis Centre, St Lawrence, Jersey

Join John for a weekend of astrological exploration to take you further and deeper into the meaning of your birth chart.

In this workshop, we will explore the effects of transiting planets and how the continuing movement of the planets in their respective cycles activate specific points in our own birth charts, and release the challenges and potentials of our natal astrological signatures.

We will be exploring how astrology can chart the experiential development and evolution of a person’s life.

On Friday evening, we will review the meanings of the signs, planets and houses. On Saturday we will look at the return cycles of the planets and each person will begin working with their own astrological timeline.

On Sunday we will focus more on the effects of transiting planets to other natal planets and you will be able to see your own life events in the context of your personal astrological events.

As in the first two workshops, we will be working in an experiential way, embodying the symbolism and really experiencing how the planetary archetypes express themselves in the space, so that you can integrate it more naturally into your understanding.