Beyond Belief: A Radical Enquiry into the Astrology of Health

In this two-day workshop we will explore how our beliefs, influence our capacity for health and well-being, as part of a greater paradigm, and how is this reflected in an astrological chart.

Traditionally astrologers look to the first house for an indication of life force and vitality, to the sixth house for a an indication of disease and susceptibility to particular physical health conditions and to the 12th house for susceptibility to mental or psychological health issues.

In this workshop we will take a more holistic view, looking at different perspectives on health and well-being from a whole chart perspective, looking at the house system itself as guide to integrated health and well-being, emphasising for example the 3rd/9th House axis, a strong indicator of our faith, beliefs and worldview.

Through a combination of experiential astrology pieces, and shamanic techniques, we will explore the paradigms of belief that we each live by, how they may limit or affirm, how these are revealed in our own birth charts and how we might consciously work to expand and/or transform them.

About Lorraine (in her own words)
“I have been a full time practising homeopath and shamanic practitioner for 25 years incorporating archetypal energy into my work with both individuals and groups. I have had a passionate interest in astrology for many years and I’ve found that inviting Astrology into my healing work deepens, enriches and complements it. Each of these three disciplines and their connection to archetypal energy share the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water as their foundation and weave together the potent alchemical mix that I bring to my work”

Dates & Times
Sat 14th Aug (10.00am – 5.30pm) & Sun 15th Aug (10am – 5.00pm)

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Price: £185

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