Glastonbury Zodiac Essence Tour

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with John Wadsworth & Nadia Alkatabi

Mon 11th & Tues 12th September 2017

Experience the Essence of the Glastonbury Zodiac.

Join us for a unique and highly personalised two day adventure in the Glastonbury Zodiac, during which we will visit all twelve signs in this famous landscape temple of the stars. We will travel to twelve powerful landscape portals and you will get to directly experience the alchemical potency of each zodiac sign in the wheel, through the myth, symbolism, and natural medicine of these sacred places.

John Wadsworth is an experienced astrologer, teacher and author he has been leading pilgrimages into Glastonbury’s zodiac landscape for over ten years.

Nadia Alkatabi makes and works with flower essences and has an extensive knowledge of healing plants and a natural sensitivity to sacred landscape. She is a former guardian of Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury.

As part of this two-day experience, John and Nadia will facilitate you in the making of your own personalised Glastonbury Zodiac essence. This will be guided by the astrological signatures in your own birth chart and, and you will participate in the collecting of particular plants and herbs, and assist in harvesting the energies that we encounter in the places that we visit.

Because this is such a personalised experience, we are limiting participant numbers to a maximum of four people.
The price is £225 in total for the two days. This includes lunch on both days.

You will be collected from Glastonbury at 9am on each of the two mornings and returned at the end of each day at around 5.30pm

Please contact John: (+44) 07869 133759 or Nadia (+34) 636 860767 to book a place.