Your Zodiac Soul Calendar 2019-20

zodiac_calendar_flyerWelcome to our interactive zodiac colouring calendar, which starts, not on 1st January, but on the day of the Spring Equinox, and the ingress of the Sun into the sign of Aries. This was recognised as new year in many ancient calendars, and still is in some parts of the world today. In ancient Mesopotamia, new year was calculated as the first full moon after the Spring Equinox, the day after the Sumerian goddess Inanna’s return from the Underworld. The Spring Equinox is still observed as the new year in Iran, as Nowruz, following the Zoroastrian tradition, and it also marks the beginning of the Baha’i calendar. And the Indian national calendar starts the year on the day next to the vernal equinox on 22 March.

The pages are organised not according to the traditional calendar month, but according to the passage of the Sun through the twelve signs of the zodiac. This draws on the ancient understanding of the Zodiac as a calendrical device that reflected seasonal changes and the twelve labours of the agricultural year in northern-hemisphere cultures.  The zodiac offers us a powerful framework for working alchemically in our own lives over the course of the year, the teachings of each sign offering a gateway to self-knowledge and self-mastery.

How to Work With This Calendar

Your Zodiac Soul Calendar is envisioned as a day-by-day process of action and reflection based on the cycles of the Sun and Moon through the year. Alongside this, on each page, there is a montage image for each sign, which is designed to be interacted with as a colouring meditation during the passage of the Sun through each sign. For each day of the calendar, you will find a line or two of astrologically inspired guidance, which encapsulates the mood of the day based on a combination of the Sun and Moon position for that day. The calendar is best worked with as an accompaniment to my book, Your Zodiac Soul, and many of the exercises and meditations point directly to sections in the book. You can see this as an exercise in mindfulness that can keep you connected to the cycles of the month, and help you integrate the powerful teachings that the zodiac offers.

How to Purchase This Calendar

Unfortunately we have now sold out of calendars and cannot post any more out. This was a very limited print run as this is a trial project for this first year. Next year, we will roll them out on a larger scale. We have held some back for the PLG talk at Abbey House, Glastonbury on Wednesday 20th March.