Individual Astrological Consultation (90 mins)

A full astrological consultation with me will focus on putting whole your life into perspective, highlighting the primary themes of your life path. I will pinpoint for you where you are in that journey right now and address the issues and challenges you are facing in your life and offer a dynamic astrological perspective on them. We will look at the year ahead, the opportunities that open to you and explore the planetary transits and progressions that are most relevant for your life now. I will use your natal chart (based on the moment of birth), your progressed chart and will consider progressions and transits in relation to your natal chart. The consultation can be conducted face-to-face or by telephone / skype.

Price: £140.00 (fee increased, as of 1st Aug 2019)

A recording of the session can be emailed to you as an mp3 file for no extra charge. 

Please note: all face-to-face sessions are for 90 minutes, but one hour sessions can be arranged on Skype for a fee of £110.00. These can also be recorded.

Relationship “Synastry” Consultation (90 – 110 mins)

A “synastry” consultation offers advice and guidance for couples. I look at the inherent dynamics of the relationship, and also the opportunities and challenges that the relationship presents. I work with the birth charts of both individuals, consider the synastry between the two charts and also use what is known as the ‘composite’ chart, which offers powerful insights into the broader motivations behind the relationship itself.

Price: £160

A recording of the session can be recorded and emailed to you as an mp3 file for no extra charge. Alternatively, it can be burned onto a CD and posted to you for an extra £5.00.
Call: 07869 133759 to book

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